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Tee off at Wisconsin's top golf courses

Published June 14, 2018

With summer in sight, Midwesterners are more than ready to break out their golf gear - and luckily, world-class golf is par for the course in Wisconsin. Here's a rundown of Wisconsin's top golf courses.


An American Dream come true: Two CUW alumni are spicing up the MKE dining scene

Published May 23, 2018

When Shitanshu Saini and Manisha Dhillon left their home in northern India to pursue an MBA degree in strategic marketing from Concordia University Wisconsin, friends told them they were crazy and urged them to change their major. Now they're key contributors to two hot Milwaukee restaurants.


Meet Nate, CUW's uncommon confidant standing in faith during life's tough turns

Published May 17, 2018

As an accounting major and a self-proclaimed lover of all things organization, CUW senior Nate Hasenstein knows down to the cent how much he has in his bank account. He's not ashamed to say that he has some OCD tendencies. But even Nate couldn't count on his life going the way he had planned.

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