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Made in Milwaukee: Great Lakes Distillery

Published July 14, 2017

Guy Rehorst - the founder and owner of Great Lakes Distillery - became curious about distilling after homebrewing what he describes as "a really bad batch of beer." Today, he owns the state's first distillery since Prohibition.


Get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit with new chocolate mint brandy

Published March 17, 2017

It's St. Patrick's Day! So, it's the perfect time for the wearin' of the green and the drinkin' of any number of delicious beverages. And If you're a fan of dark chocolate and mint, you'll want to check out a new release from Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates: Chocolate Mint Brandy.


Great Northern Distilling is Wisconsin true from grain to glass

Published Nov. 30, 2016

Great Northern Distilling is one of 19 craft distilleries that have opened in Wisconsin over the past 10 years. In addition to a thoughtful approach and attention to detail, the distillery distinguishes itself with a commitment to locally grown products.

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