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How to vote in today's primary election

Published April 7, 2020

To help guide you through this crazy and confusing election - and help you and others stay as safe as possible - here's a guide to today's vote.


Here's what this summer's DNC could mean for you

Published March 7, 2020

The Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee and Democratic National Convention Committee on last Tuesday hosted conversations about what Milwaukee residents can expect when the DNC comes to town this summer. Here's what Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service learned.


8 things I learned at my first AIPAC

Published March 5, 2020

I just returned from my first American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. AIPAC's annual, 3-day event brings together 18,000 supporters of Israel from all over the country, including two-thirds of the members of Congress.

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Stress And Strain

Thursday November 29th, 2012 – Fox Lake, IL    The stress and strain of the booking end of the business continues. It has nothing to do with the comedy end, but then again it totally does. If I don’t get bookings, I can’t be funny. It’s a vicious cycle, and ge...

You Want Stable? Raise Horses

Wednesday November 21st, 2012 – Fox Lake, IL    The average person has no idea how difficult it is to be a professional entertainer. Had I known before I started, I seriously doubt I’d have chosen the path I did. There’s a lot to be said about the security of a &lsq...

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