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Dandelions podcast: All the funny!

Published Dec. 31, 2019

A New Year, a new decade, let's go into it laughing. This is our fifth episode and we explore humor: what's funny to us and - equally as hilarious - what's funny that shouldn't be funny.


The GoGedders MKE holiday dating guide podcast

Published Dec. 20, 2019

These chilly winter months can get pretty crazy. Add a new relationship into the mix, and you've got a recipe to make anyone's head spin. Lucky for you, we have teamed up with Kessler's Diamonds for a special holiday edition of "Dating Advice"‌ on The GoGedders Podcast.


Listen up: PodFest MKE comes to No Studios this week

Published Nov. 11, 2019

On Thursday, Nov. 14, GGMM and Bridge the City are hosting the first ever PodFest MKE, a learning and listening event for anyone interested in starting a podcast, growing their current podcast or listening to a showcase of local podcasting talent.

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