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Vintage Milwaukee movie theater magic

Published Sept. 2, 2002

In the days before stadium seating, THX sound systems and IMAX technology, Milwaukee had a thriving movie theater business. From small neighborhood theaters to ornate and expansive movie palaces, Milwaukee had it all. Unfortunately, most of these theaters have long since closed. Fortunately, a few of these vintage gems thrive and survive.

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Rev. Ron reviews "The Hangover Part III"

The Hangover was just absolutely brilliant. A fantastic comedy filled with memorable scenes and quotes that frat boys all over the world are still quoting before high-fiving and saying or doing something incredibly homoerotic in the name of fraternity brotherly love. Were they pushing the envelop...

Rev. Ron reviews "The Croods"

Cavemen are always funny. That's a fact. I mean just look at the Geico commercials and subsequent series based on those fun loving caveme-wait, bad example. about the movie Quest for Fire? That film was filled with it wasn't. Unless you count cavemen rape and Ron Perlm...

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