Milwaukee og


Milwaukee OG: Attorney David Gruber

Published Oct. 14, 2019

You know him from TV and might even own one of his T-shirts, but David Gruber has done a lot more than you might know for Milwaukee.


Milwaukee OG: Rockwell Automation "Polish Moon" clocktower

Published Aug. 30, 2019

Despite the fact that I did not grow up in Milwaukee, there are still a few places that are pure Milwaukee OG to me - like the Usinger's shop, for example. Because my grandparents lived here on Greenfield Avenue, and we'd visit every other summer, perhaps nothing is purer Brew City to me than the former Allen-Bradley, now Rockwell Automation clocktower.


Milwaukee OG: The Bloody Mary "chaser"

Published Aug. 16, 2019

What's up with the tradition of serving a tiny glass or bottle of beer with boozy tomato juice and why does it (mostly) only happen in Wisconsin?


Milwaukee OG: The Wisconsin State Fair cream puff

Published Aug. 5, 2019

If there's one food item that stands out above the rest at the Wisconsin State Fair, it's the iconic cream puff, a sweet treat which has been sold at the Fair every year since 1924. Here's everything you need to know about this Milwaukee OG -- including how to go about eating one.