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The "quiet warrior": How a 95-year-old female veteran made history

Published June 15, 2019

Anna Mae Robertson once spent her time evading Nazi U-boats in war-torn Europe. Now, perched on her living room recliner with photos of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren covering the walls, some may find it difficult to believe, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Remembering Downtown's Gabel News newsstand

Published June 12, 2019

I guess you have to be "of a certain age" to remember the Gabel Newsstand on the corner of 3rd and Wisconsin, which closed in the 1990s. Yesterday, those memories came flooding back for many thanks to a post in the Old Milwaukee Facebook group by Mark Hickey, who worked at the stand in the '70s


Pabst Mansion hosts an estate sale worthy of a beer baron

Published May 20, 2019

I've been in the attic and basement at the Pabst Mansion, 2000 W. Wisconsin Ave., and I know there are some gems up there. Now, you can purchase some of these tidbits, including some historical items when the Pabst hosts an outdoor estate sale Saturday, June 8.


White Elephant bar photo is a reminder of a dark moment in Milwaukee

Published March 21, 2019

Yesterday, a friend shared a 1955 photograph with me on Facebook. In the small, square monochrome image, a group of men lean against a gorgeous Art Deco bar, alongside a couple of uniformed police officers. But they're not drinking. They're investigating a murder.


Beer barons rest in peace in historic Milwaukee cemeteries

Published March 14, 2019

More than a century and a half after the opening of the first brewery in Milwaukee, the city's identity is still drenched in beer. At Forest Home Cemetery, many of the men who made the beer that made Milwaukee famous lie in repose.

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