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Northwestern Mutual's "Giving Gallery" show unites artists and nonprofits

Published Feb. 8, 2018

On Feb. 15, Northwestern Mutual Foundation will open what it calls a "first-of-its-kind art exhibit" - free and open to the public - at the new Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons, 808 E. Mason St. "Giving Gallery: Community in Process" brings together artists and area nonprofits.


Milwaukee artist uses drawings to connect with hip-hop community

Published April 30, 2016

When Yessica Jimenez was 4 years old, all of her preschool work was returned to her parents because it was covered in doodles. Jimenez, now 23, is an independent artist working to connect with artists across genres, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Caggio opens Milwaukee's art possibilities

Published June 3, 2009

Coming full circle, Caggio launches its grand opening this Friday with an incredible list of artist's work on hand. Mixing mediums, Rathkamp and Ledger secured several photographers, painters, a jeweler and textile artist for their first show.


Frederiksen shares honest perceptions of art, life and Milwaukee

Published Jan. 6, 2006

Artist Kurt Halsey Frederiksen was born in Racine, attended MIAD, lived in Milwaukee for two years and showed his work in local galleries, but his opinion of the city -- and the art world at large -- is bleak at best. Jaded? Bitter? Brilliant and dead on? You decide.

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