"The Milverine" wrote me a letter

Published March 13, 2020

OnMilwaukee's Molly Snyder got a handwritten letter from the Milverine and it was genuine and sad and funny and even a little mean.


Vice made a Milverine documentary and it's glorious

Published Feb. 15, 2020

In a 9-minute documentary video, Vice unearths new details about the Milverine that Milwaukeeans who are already fans of the burly, often-shirtless, fast-walking man will find incredible.


It's Milwaukee haiku time

Published April 17, 2018

Because today is National Haiku Day, OnMilwaukee wants to celebrate this Japenese poem with Milwaukee haiku of our own - and some from you, too.


The Milverine sees his emoji and thinks it's neat

Published July 28, 2017

OnMilwaukee Creative Director Jason McDowell created a Milverine emoji. Earlier this week, McDowell saw the shirtless strutter cruising down KK and got to show him the emoji, which he was unaware of.


LocaMoji brings even more awesome Milwaukee stickers to small screens

Published July 25, 2017

You can now express yourself even more locally with characters that aren't available anywhere else. Feeling summer? Brat time. Feeling salty? Throw out a Milverine. Want to connect with your best friend? Send an old-school Milwaukee Laverne and hope for a Shirley in return.


The Milverine has a dog

Published May 8, 2017

Thanks to Thomas Hauck of c. 1880, it would appear that Milwaukee's number one mythical cat (sorry, Milwaukee Lion) has a cute little mythical beast of his own. Take a look for yourself.


36 Milwaukee alternative facts

Published Jan. 23, 2017

Inspired by the invention of "alternative facts" over the weekend, we created some of our own alternative facts about Milwaukee. Enjoy - and then go back to cheering on the Packers as they prepare to take on the Cleveland Browns in the Super Bowl!



Published Dec. 3, 2015

#HolidayAdviceFromTheCat began trending today, and we only figured it'd be right to get in the spirit and make up some holiday advice from Milwaukee's most famous cat: the Milverine.


Featured bartender: The Monkey Bar's Tim Sluga

Published Nov. 9, 2013

Tim Sluga recently moved back to Brew City and has been slinging drinks for about three months. Although the Monkey Bar is probably just a pit stop in his professional life, he's finding out a lot about people, drink making and the near South Side. He's also hoping to someday serve The Milverine.


The adventures of Milverine

Published May 14, 2013

Kudos to Allison Miller who, via Facebook, posted this awesome class project of Milwaukee "super hero" Milverine.


Smear some Milverine on your mouth

Published March 30, 2013

Last week, Moonshine Bath and Body introduced a new lip balm, Milverine, named for the ubiquitous-around-town, fast-walking, often shirtless Milwaukee icon.


The full story on Milwaukee's Milverine

Published Oct. 7, 2011

A local Associated Press journalist has a done something that I haven't seen on any other media. Carrie Antlfinger talked with Milwaukee's Milverine.


My Milverine "meeting"

Published Nov. 8, 2010

I could have stopped Milverine, but honestly he seemed so focused and, damn, he's fast. And, really, what would I have said to him?