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Why you should care about the properties of house paint

Published June 15, 2019

Paint is a building block of modern architecture. Without it, those of us whose homes are not made of stone would watch them wither away from weathering and the ceaseless effects of Father Time. Paint is a beautifier, a protector of homes and buildings, and a steward of a structure's integrity. But what is it?


Modern dining: Making a statement and keeping it simple

Published Oct. 7, 2016

In addition to OnMilwaukee's awesome restaurant reviews, dining guides and chef profiles, Steinhafels would like to give you some fresh ideas for entertaining at home! Here are some of the trends peaking this season, which look to have staying power.


Community Warehouse helps rebuild neighborhoods

Published Jan. 24, 2010

Because contractors, builders, manufacturers and retailers donate their new and unused building materials, Community Warehouse is able to sell its products for about 75 percent of the normal retail value.

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Here's a great DIY tool

I am in no way a professional in the area of home repairs.  I have been learning by doing for over ten years, mainly with friends or a professional (self-proclaimed or actual) and have walked away with lots of information.  Now that I bought my own home I can put this information to t...

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