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Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Royal New Year's Eve"

Published Jan. 3, 2018

My final trip into Hallmark hell is "Royal New Year's Eve," the story of a lowly magazine assistant falling in love with a prince and ... wait, did I just get tricked into watching Netflix's "A Christmas Prince" again?!


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "A Christmas Prince"

Published Dec. 25, 2017

What if the most popular Hallmark holiday movie of the Christmas season ... wasn't on the Hallmark Channel? Can Netflix's "A Christmas Prince" outdo the festive film network at its own game?


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Christmas in Evergreen"

Published Dec. 22, 2017

Can my latest trek into Hallmark holiday movies keep my spirit burning like chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Or would "Christmas in Evergreen" ruthlessly kill it like that time I tried to cook the turkey for Christmas dinner?


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Switched for Christmas"

Published Dec. 15, 2017

What better way to keep my high from "The Christmas Train" going than "Switched for Christmas," a Hallmark holiday movie starring not just one Candace Cameron Bure but TWO Candace Cameron Bures?!


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "The Christmas Train"

Published Dec. 6, 2017

Any misplaced enthusiasm I had for this column was dashed by "Finding Santa" last week. But let's see what "The Christmas Train" has to offer. Hold on, Dermot Mulroney, Joan Cusack and Danny Glover?! This almost looks like a real movie!

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