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Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Switched for Christmas"

Published Dec. 15, 2017

What better way to keep my high from "The Christmas Train" going than "Switched for Christmas," a Hallmark holiday movie starring not just one Candace Cameron Bure but TWO Candace Cameron Bures?!


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "The Christmas Train"

Published Dec. 6, 2017

Any misplaced enthusiasm I had for this column was dashed by "Finding Santa" last week. But let's see what "The Christmas Train" has to offer. Hold on, Dermot Mulroney, Joan Cusack and Danny Glover?! This almost looks like a real movie!


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Finding Santa"

Published Nov. 30, 2017

I've finally encountered a Hallmark holiday movie worthy of this column's title, a movie that clogged my arteries with cheese and gave me diabetes from all the unrestrained saccharine sweetness: "Finding Santa."


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "The Sweetest Christmas"

Published Nov. 26, 2017

My first excursion into the world of Hallmark Christmas movies wound up shockingly less excruciating than expected. But if that one won me over, my second serving, "The Sweetest Christmas," looked even more digestible. After all, it's about cookies!


Matt's Hallmark Holiday Hell: "Miss Christmas"

Published Nov. 15, 2017

For my first Hallmark movie torture session, I thought it would be best not to stray too far from my comfort zone - and what would be better than a Hallmark movie that takes place in Wisconsin!

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