Debunking hot pepper myths

Published Aug. 2, 2020

Enjoy the spicy heat hot peppers add to your meals without concern for the many myths surrounding these garden vegetables. Here are a few you may have heard but are not true.


Healthy plants, but no tomatoes?

Published July 19, 2020

No fruit on your tomato plants is likely due to the weather. Tomatoes thrive in warm, sunny conditions, but temperature extremes can prevent otherwise healthy plants from setting fruit. Here's how to grow tomatoes even when the weather doesn't cooperate.


Tips to help your landscape beat the heat

Published July 11, 2020

Summer has arrived and, for many, so has the heat - not only hard on gardeners but also our gardens and lawns. Fortunately, there are ways to help plants thrive despite stressful growing conditions.


Keep your landscape looking good with less effort

Published July 5, 2020

Keep your garden looking its best and reduce your workload by enlisting practices that provide multiple benefits. Your garden will flourish and youâ€TMll have more time to enjoy its beauty.


Safely manage insect pests in your gardens

Published June 20, 2020

Despite proper planning and planting, insects can move in and wreak havoc on your garden. The good news is you can manage problem pests without harming the pollinators that are so important to your garden.


Three ways to help your gardens thrive with minimal care

Published June 6, 2020

So, you filled your shopping cart and gardens with lots of new shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Now what? Keep your plants looking their best with minimal effort so you can enjoy them and your summer even more.


Bring in the birds with these winning plant varieties

Published May 23, 2020

Fill your gardens with beautiful plants that produce an abundance of seeds the birds will love. You'll enjoy the flowers as well as the birds that visit to dine on the seeds - and best of all, there is no feeder to refill or clean.


Boost your landscape's curb appeal in one weekend

Published May 16, 2020

Create a front garden that is sure to boost your mood and welcome visitors all year round. All you need is one weekend and a bit of paint, flowers, décor and edging material to boost your landscape's curb appeal.


Protect your skin when gardening

Published May 9, 2020

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a busy time for gardening and other outdoor activities. Gardening provides many benefits, but like any outdoor activity, it's important to protect yourself from the sun's damaging rays.


Gardening gifts for Mother's Day sure to please

Published April 25, 2020

Each year we set aside one day to honor mothers - and each year we struggle to find the perfect gift to show them we care. Give some of these gardening gifts a try for this upcoming holiday.


Yes, you can (and should) garden during quarantine

Published April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day, Milwaukee! Local gardening expert Melinda Myers says research now proves what gardeners have long understood. "Spending time in the garden and nature improves our mood, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and helps us focus," she says. Which means now is a great time to get planting, because during quarantine, many of us could use the exercise for our bodies and minds.


Lush peonies add beauty and fragrance to early summer gardens

Published April 18, 2020

Set aside a sunny spot in your garden or landscape for a few easy-care, herbaceous peonies. These traditional favorites are treasured for their bountiful early summer flowers, vigorous, shrub-like habit and amazing longevity.


Take the hassle out of watering container gardens

Published April 11, 2020

Don't let the watering schedule discourage you from growing in pots. Enlist one or more of these strategies to eliminate the daily burden of watering while still maintaining beautiful and productive gardens.