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Where to watch the 2020 Oscar nominees

Published Jan. 24, 2020

With this month's nominations, the march to the 2020 Oscars has officially begun. And with that comes the only good homework that's ever existed: seeing the nominated films and performances before we learn the actual winners on Sunday, Feb. 9.


Everything leaving Netflix in February 2020

Published Jan. 23, 2020

With great love must come great heartbreak. With tasty chocolate must come those inedible Valentine's Day heart candies that say "LOL" or "TEXT ME." And with the new additions to Netflix must come the monthly list of movies getting kicked to the curb.


What's new on Netflix in February 2020

Published Jan. 23, 2020

Love is in the air - but better yet, there will be new movies and TV shows in your Netflix account as the Big Red Streaming Monolith announced its monthly list of new arrivals for the month of February.

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