Why are so many Wisconsin dogs rescued from the South?

Published May 20, 2020

Experts and animal enthusiasts speculate the reason that Wisconsin has a surplus of rescues is because - generally speaking - attitudes towards pets are different here. But there are other reasons, too.


MADACC hosts drive-thru pet food pantry

Published April 29, 2020

Free pet food for caregivers who are currently unemployed and / or deeply affected by COVID-19 - particularly in the service industry - takes place Thursday.


At least our pets are loving this quarantine

Published April 4, 2020

Our dogs - and some of our cats - are terrible social distancers, often inconsiderate coworkers and making cameos in video meetings world-wide. And yet, most of them are absolutely loving this period of self-quarantining.


A camp for dogs? Sure, why not

Published Jan. 22, 2020

OK, Camp Bow Wow is actually a day care with a camping theme, but hey, whatever makes us pet owners feel better about leaving our furry friends for a few.


Is poo being left in your yard?

Published March 19, 2019

All the hard work of keeping your lawn green and healthy can be erased when Fido comes over to play unannounced. Here's how you should handle unwanted pet leavings landing in your yard.