Dandelions podcast: All the funny!

Published Dec. 31, 2019

A New Year, a new decade, let's go into it laughing. This is our fifth episode and we explore humor: what's funny to us and - equally as hilarious - what's funny that shouldn't be funny.


Dandelions podcast: Everyone is addicted to something

Published Nov. 26, 2019

in this fourth episode of "Dandelions: A Podcast For Women," Julie and Molly are joined by Nicky Rev and Kristi Watson, brave women who share their journey through different addictions in a way that's truthful, warm and funny.


Dandelions podcast: Hair

Published Oct. 29, 2019

Women and their hair. It's definitely a thing. So we got a frizzy-haired Italian-Jew, an African-American with natural hair, an "all-American" blond and a woman who went through chemotherapy to sit down at one table to talk about the good, the bad and the power of women's hair - in all of its locations.


Dandelions podcast: Money fights!

Published Sept. 30, 2019

Every couple fights about money and these fights can get really ugly, but what can we do? Say more mean things to our spouse? Throw another plate at the wall? Gah!