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Odelay: Beck brings back his fun side in long-anticipated show

Published Aug. 17, 2017

Beck Hansen's music has always been a Venn diagram of art, with balls-out unironic rap occupying one circle, and beautiful melodic folk in the other. Right in the middle is when Beck rocks, and it was super cool to see all slices of him a live performance.


10 great Beck samples

Published Aug. 16, 2017

Even though it's almost as rare as a solar eclipse, Beck is known to play an amazing show when he comes to Milwaukee or Chicago. Amazingly, he finds a way to replicate some of his great samples, but live, in concert. However, those catchy loops are part of what made his early records great.


Milwaukee free summer music series guide

Published Aug. 13, 2017

The summer may be coming to a close, but you can still get your fill of live music all season long - and for free. From jazz to rock and an array of local and national bands in between, Milwaukee's weekly concert series offer something for everyone.

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