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Blues Bros. "Illinois Nazi" lives in Milwaukee, is pro Santa, holds black belt

Published Feb. 16, 2018

Even for die-hard fans of the 1980 comedy masterpiece, "The Blues Brothers," Gene Schuldt is not a household name. But you'll know exactly who we're talking about when we tell you that Schuldt was the Illinois Nazi who drove the green station wagon. The veteran stage actor also lives in Milwaukee.


As Brewers spring training begins, a reminder to follow and treasure Tim Dillard

Published Feb. 14, 2018

Brewers pitchers and catchers reported to spring training Wednesday, the official-yet-anticlimactic start to the 2018 season. While there won't be much substantive news the next few days, there is one Brewers correspondent who's a must-follow: relief pitcher and semi-amateur comedian Tim Dillard.

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