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A geek's guide to Milwaukee

Published May 7, 2019

Want to turn your weekend into a geekend? We've loaded up a day of activities that send you on a journey around the greater Milwaukee area in search of the premier geek experience. Good for any day, by the way, not just weekends. Enjoy!


Kickapoo Coffee confronts cultural appropriation, announces name change

Published April 18, 2019

This week, Kickapoo Coffee - the award-winning organic coffee roaster based in Viroqua - released a statement, announcing the decision to change the business' name in light of growing concerns over cultural appropriation. We chat with owners about their decision.

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McCafe: Made to Order?

I am a huge fan of specialty coffees. I'm such a fanatic that I even worked as a barista at a coffee shop in England while studying abroad. Now that I have a grown-up job, my morning ritual includes stopping by a Starbucks, Alterra or other local coffee shop for an iced coffee, mocha or some sort...

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