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Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: Paul Zerkel of Goodkind

Published Nov. 9, 2017

Paul Zerkel, chef and co-owner of Goodkind, says he's always appreciated -- and trusted -- the artistic sense that tattoo artists bring to the table. And that's resulted in some very creative body art over the years that both marks milestones and pays homage to art.


Chefs' tattoos & the stories behind them: John Rudolph III of Millioke

Published Nov. 2, 2017

For Chef John Rudolph III of Downtown's Millioke restaurant, tattoos are a way to keep life from growing stagnant. "Body art is really a unique form of expression," he says. "And I love how artists take the ideas that you have and really interpret them. It's harnessing what they do well."

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