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New booze Natty Rush to challenge Four Loko, MillerCoors' Steel Reserve

Published Aug. 9, 2017

As long as we have colleges, we will have college kids. With that in mind, AB-InBev announced plans to release a new, high-gravity, flavored malt beverage called Natty Rush to compete with Four Loko and MillerCoors' Steel Reserve Alloy Series. Frat bros, rejoice!


Love your liver

Published Jan. 20, 2014

Here are some easy ways to take better care of your liver. Don't worry, alcohol abstinence is not one of them.


Are you man enough for frou-frou drinks?

Published Feb. 9, 2012

The frou-frou drink was created to appeal mainly to women, relative newcomers to the public consumption of cocktails in the 20th century. It would seem that men are finally becoming men, less afraid to be publicly outed for enjoying what they want in a beverage.

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