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Milwaukee happy hour guide

Published Sept. 20, 2018

There's nothing quite like a great drink special to help you unwind after a long day. We've done an exhaustive search and found Milwaukee's happiest Happy Hours.


Miller Park shuttle guide

Published Sept. 15, 2018

With the Brewers' 2018 season now entering its exciting back stretch, plenty of fans are looking for a ride to the ballpark. Here is a list of a few bars, hotels and restaurants who offer shuttle service to the yard.


Hidden Gem: Halliday's

Published Sept. 14, 2018

If you blinked in the past few years, you missed a change on Brady Street or the East Side - and considering the average person blinks around 10,512,000 times in a year, that's a lot of change. But one place hasn't: Halliday's.


Hidden Gem: Gina's Sports Dock

Published Sept. 7, 2018

One of the most pleasant sights for Wisconsinites to set their eyes on is a nice, soothing beach. You can certainly find that gorgeous view at Gina's Sports Dock, found right on Pewaukee Lake - any closer you'd be sharing your table with the fish.


Hidden Gem: Baby Boomers

Published Aug. 31, 2018

You can find just about anything roaming the streets of Bay View looking for a bite or a beer - including a cute little baby in a combat helmet choking down a cigar and a pint of beer. Welcome to Baby Boomers.

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Sunday... Funday?

I drove into the city last night to meet a friend.  Not expecting to stay long, I illegally parked on a side street and slipped away without drawing too much attention to my car.  Rounding the corner onto Juneau, the sound of partying hit me and stuttered my stride like the feeling of e...

Everyone Needs a Bud...

My family and relatives from Arizona were in for the weekend and in plotting things to do, I decided to use OnMilwaukee's very own restaurant and bar guide as the Magellan of our party to navigate exactly where to go ... After hitting up the more obvious hot spots like the Safe House and S...

The Art of the 21st Birthday (Midweek Musings)

"Is this shirt too much?" My best friend questioned, tugging at a zipper attached to her borrowed blouse. It was Saturday night. Our busy summers, which had so far made good on the Ladytron lyrics,"They only want you when you're 17/When you're 21, you're no fun," had ke...

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