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Milwaukee History - Feb. 23, 2017
Urban Spelunking: Milwaukee's five Bungalow firehouses
Charles Malig designed many MFD quarters - including some you surely recognize - but that his signature contribution to the genre makes a quieter statement is not an accident. Meet Milwaukee's five bungalow firehouses, all of which survive, nestled into their neighborhoods.
Milwaukee History - Feb. 20, 2017
Urban Spelunking: City lists one of Milwaukee's oldest homes for sale
Few homes have deeper roots than the one that goes on the market today. The two-story Italianate home located at 1851 N. 2nd St., in Brewers' Hill, was built in 1859, a mere 13 years after the City of Milwaukee was officially chartered.
Milwaukee History - Feb. 16, 2017
Stunning color photos of the old Lake Front Chicago & North Western Depot
At the foot of Wisconsin Avenue, some Milwaukeeans recall, there stood a gorgeous red brick Romanesque Revival train station that many can't believe is gone (or ever even really existed). Thanks to Karl Bandow, here are some great old color photos of it.
Buzz - Feb. 14, 2017
Urban spelunking: A peek inside the old Renaissance Books
For years, many of us were conflicted when it came to the Renaissance Bookstore at 834 N. Plankinton Ave., Downtown. It was a place that was packed with books. Great! But it was also clearly too packed with books. Last week, we went inside to take a look.
Milwaukee History - Feb. 10, 2017
Urban spelunking: State Theater, former Hoops strip joint & The Palms rock club
What a long strange trip it was. While theaters like the Downer and Oriental have venerable histories as long-running cinema houses, consider, if you will, the the more varied history of the now-dilapidated State Theater, 2616 W. State St. Originally a movie theater, the State has served a number of purposes - rock venue, prudish dance hall and strip club - in its nearly 100-year history.