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Milwaukee History - Aug. 13, 2018
Urban Spelunking: George Peckham House / Friendship House
The house that George W. Peckham built at 1029 N. Marshall St. in 1855 doesn't appear to be anywhere near retirement - thankfully - but it has most certainly undergone so many alterations that, were he to magically reappear, Peckham himself might not recognize it.
Movies & TV - Aug. 9, 2018
Urban Spelunking: Oriental Theatre
As Milwaukee Film plans to relaunch the Oriental Theatre, it seems like the perfect time to take another look at Milwaukee's oldest, most spectacular and most beloved movie palace.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 3, 2018
Urban Spelunking: Old Allis Station in Walker's Point
While wes regularly rue the loss of the Milwaukee's grand old train stations, two former passenger stations quietly survive. One is the Public Service Building on Michigan Street, which served Interurban commuter lines. The other is the former Allis Station, tucked beneath the tracks in Walker's Point.
Milwaukee History - July 19, 2018
Urban Spelunking: The old Keefe Avenue School tunnel
OK, humor me while I look into another public school tunnel. This time, it's the one at Keefe Avenue School.
Milwaukee History - July 17, 2018
Urban Spelunking: Escuela Vieau's "subway" tunnel
Milwaukee has no subway and it's never had one. At least not in the common usage of the word. But, recently, I got to walk the length of a Walker's Point "subway" tunnel.