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Bars & Clubs - Aug. 3, 2018
This Is It turns 50: The past, present and future of Milwaukee's oldest gay bar
As This Is It honors its past 50 years with an action-packed weekend schedule, its owners have announced - stop the presses! - ambitious plans to expand at its current address. Details are forthcoming, but the vision and commitment are clear.
Bars & Clubs - June 29, 2018
A guide to Milwaukee's hidden gems
With so many places to choose from, it's easy for some locales - even truly classic Cream City clubs - to fall between the cracks or hide in plain sight. So here are just a few of those hidden gems that you should discover for your next drink.
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Sports - June 15, 2018
Col. Morrison describes his heart-melting surprise family reunion at Miller Park
Before Wednesday's Brewers-Cubs game at Miller Park, Colonel Jay Morrison reunited with his family by surprising his son on his 12th birthday. We spoke with Morrison about all that led to the reunion, becoming a viral-video sensation and what the moment felt like and meant for him, his family, other service members and fans of baseball and happiness.
Dining - April 9, 2018
What chefs eat: David Magnasco of The Chef's Table
There's no shortage of articles and television shows that showcase the dishes that chefs love to cook at their restaurants. But, what do they love to eat at the end of their exhausting 16-hour days? Or on their days off?
Bars & Clubs - March 30, 2018
Hidden Gem: Rollie's in Brown Deer
Sometimes gems are truly hidden. And sometimes they're hidden in plain sight. Such is the case for Rollie's, 7751 N. Teutonia Ave., a tavern which celebrated its 45th anniversary this past year.

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