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Restaurants - Marty's Pizza
16680 W. Bluemound Rd. , Brookfield 262-782-5830
Restaurants - Zayna's Pizza
714 E. Brady St., Milwaukee 414-226-9999
Restaurants - Brian's Pizza
924 E. Rawson Ave. , Oak Creek 414-376-4879
Restaurants - Roman Candle Pizza
133 E. Silver Spring Dr., Whitefish Bay 414-964-3000
Restaurants - Proof Pizza
Saint Kate, 139 E. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee 414-270-4433
Restaurants - Lisa's Pizza
2961 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee 414-332-6360
Restaurants - Leonardo's Pizza Parlor
11051 N. Port Washington Road, Mequon 262-241-8557
Restaurants - Pizza Shuttle
1827 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee 414-289-9993
Restaurants - Zaffiro's Pizza and Bar - Milwaukee
1724 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee 414-289-8776
Restaurants - Maria's Pizza
5025 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee 414-543-4606
Restaurants - California Pizza Kitchen
5665 N. Centerpark Way, Glendale 414-967-8088
Restaurants - Brick 3 Pizza
1107 Old World Third St., Milwaukee 414-224-6040
Bars and Clubs - Crisp Pizza Bar and Lounge
1323 E. Brady St., Milwaukee 414-727-4217
Restaurants - Ian's Pizza By The Slice
2035 E. North Ave., Milwaukee 414-727-9200
Restaurants - Streetza Pizza
2201 S. 84th St., Milwaukee 414-215-0021
Restaurants - Jimmy's Grotto Pizza
314 E. Main St., Waukesha 262-542-1500
Restaurants - Lee's Pizza
770 N. Jefferson St., Milwaukee 414-273-8455
Restaurants - Pulo's Pizza
1567 W. Oklahoma Ave., Milwaukee 414-645-9230
Bars and Clubs - Dick's Pizza and Pleasure
730 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee 414-272-3425
Restaurants - Milwaukee Pizza Company
1588 S. 81st St., West Allis 262-853-8163

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Dining - July 1, 2020
State's first Roman pizza al taglio eatery opens in Sheboygan
Sheboygan, already home to one of the longest-certified Neapolitan pizzerias (Il Ritrovo) in Wisconsin, is now getting the state's first certified Roman-style al taglio pizzeria, too.
Bars & Clubs - June 2, 2020
Faklandia serves pizza as it awaits the arrival of its brew system
When we first met Faklandia Brewing's Nate Fakler and Ben Mantay, they were making beer on other brewers' systems, dreaming on a permanent home of their own. Now they have one and it's open ... at least for pizza.
Dining - May 26, 2020
Flourchild pizza looks to innovation to weather the COVID-19 storm
Even when Milwaukee restaurants are allowed to open their dining rooms (likely at a reduced capacity, there will be a need to look for additional revenue streams in order to assure long-term sustainability. As a result, some restaurants are already moving forward with innovative ideas that could help them weather the storm and (hopefully) come back stronger than ever.
Dining - April 16, 2020
Harry's Pizza to be first certified Roman al Taglio restaurant in Wisconsin
Maybe you're already thinking about new places to visit later this summer, and - if so - you can put a trip to Sheboygan on your list. Harry's Pizza Market is slated to open this summer as the very first certified Roman al Taglio pizza restaurant in the state.
Dining - April 8, 2020
Think outside the pizza box: Spots to try, plus tips for better take-out
Before you order up your next pizza for another quarantine-inspired Netflix and chill, here are two big things you can do make your take-out or delivery pizza worlds better.

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