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Entertainment - Hi-Way 18 Drive In
U.S. 18, Jefferson 920-674-6700
Entertainment - Oriental Theatre
2230 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee 414-276-8711
Shopping - Riverwest Film & Video
824 E Center St, Milwaukee 414-265-7420
Restaurants - Fox Bay Cinema Grill
334 E. Silver Spring Drive, Whitefish Bay 414-906-9999
Restaurants - Mr. B's
18380 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield 262-790-7005

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Movies & TV - Jan. 23, 2020
Everything leaving Netflix in February 2020
With great love must come great heartbreak. With tasty chocolate must come those inedible Valentine's Day heart candies that say "LOL" or "TEXT ME." And with the new additions to Netflix must come the monthly list of movies getting kicked to the curb.
Movies & TV - Jan. 23, 2020
What's new on Netflix in February 2020
Love is in the air - but better yet, there will be new movies and TV shows in your Netflix account as the Big Red Streaming Monolith announced its monthly list of new arrivals for the month of February.
Movies & TV - Jan. 22, 2020
Horror sequel "The Grudge" is too dull to hold anything against it
The good news for "The Grudge": There's nothing egregious awful or particularly bad to inspire F-word laden vitriol, much less its instantly infamous F CinemaScore grade. The bad news? There's not much to recommend either.
Movies & TV - Jan. 22, 2020
New Jon Stewart political comedy "Irresistible" is set in Wisconsin (sort of)
What may have caught Wisconsinites' eyes was not when the Jon Stewart comedy's set to hit theaters, but where the movie itself is set: Wisconsin. There is, of course, a catch.
Movies & TV - Jan. 22, 2020
5 takeaways from Randall's nightmarish solo episode on "This Is Us"
Let's pop on some movie scores and dive into the five biggest takeaways from Randall's bad night - and even worse week - on Tuesday night's new episode of "This Is Us."

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Blowout Book Sale
Jan. 31, 2020 - Feb. 2, 2020 at Cudahy Family Library, 3500 Library Drive, Cudahy, WI 53110
Friends of Cudahy Library Blowout Book Sale! Friday, Janu...
"Won't You be my Neighbor"
Jan. 24, 2020 6:00 p.m. - Jan. 24, 2020, 9:00 p.m. at Thelma Sadoff Center of the Arts
Charmingly soft-spoken and yet powerfully incisive expressin...
An Intimate Evening with David Foster: The HITMAN Tour featuring special guest Katharine McPhee
May 6, 2020 1:00 a.m. at The Pabst Theater
Sixteen-time GRAMMY® award-winning songwriter and one of the...
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Hip Hop/Rap - Off Tha Hook
“Off Tha Hook” is recognized for playing hip-hop, R &...
Alternative - Scorpio 67
Scorpio 67 is Johnny Stevenson, A melodic one-man genre-h...
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Cyxork 7
Washed-up sci-fi action hero actor Rex Anderson, whose on...
Disaster Movie
"Disaster Movie" follows the comic misadventure...
The Grateful Dead Movie Event
Don't miss your chance to see a flashback concert experie...
Scary Movie V
The latest installment of the SCARY MOVIE franchise inclu...
Hop to the Movies
Bring the family to the "Hop To The Movies Spring Ev...