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Movies & TV - Feb. 6, 2018
"The Bachelor" Rose Rundown: Trimming down the can-candidates in Paris
A trip to Paris leads for one trip to the Moulin Rouge, two contestants on one date and three eliminated women at the end of the night? Would Krystal be among the survivors at the end of the episode?
Bars & Clubs - Jan. 22, 2018
Stock House Brewing Co. slated to open this spring in Wauwatosa
Wauwatosa will soon have its very own nano-brewery, located in a storefront on North Avenue. And Stock House Brewing Co. promises to be unlike any other of its kind.
Living - Jan. 1, 2018
Touring your childhood home unlatches many memories
Ever tour your childhood home as an adult or think about stopping by, unannounced, for a quick peek? These people have.
Movies & TV - Dec. 11, 2017
5 ways to get into the "Star Wars" spirit in Milwaukee this week
There's a new "Star Wars" movie arriving this weekend, and if you're smart, you've already gotten your tickets. But there's plenty of other ways to geek out this weekend - and here are just a few Milwaukee bars, theaters, restaurants hoping to help out.
Marketplace - Nov. 24, 2017
Shopping malls fight back
The evolution of the mall, like much of America's history, has been fast and furious, and whether or not it's still relevant - in light of online shopping, box stores and technology, especially social media - is a fair question.

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