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Matt Mueller
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Holiday Guide - Dec. 15, 2018
WATCH: All is bright over at MillerCoors Holiday Lites
All is bright down in the Miller Valley for the holiday season - but maybe not so calm and the nights are very much not silent - thanks to the Miller Holiday Lites.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 15, 2018
12 Days of Holiday Giveaways: A prize package from Lula Mae Aesthetic Boutique
It may be the weekend, but that doesn't mean the 12 Days of Giveaways takes a day off! Today's giveaway comes from the day spa experts at Lula Mae Aesthetic Boutique. And they want to pamper you with their deluxe prize package.
Movies & TV - Dec. 15, 2018
LISTEN: WTMJ finds the holiday spirit in "The Night Before Christmas" radio show
Last month, the 620 WTMJ radio team took the stage at the Turner Hall Ballroom for its annual live Christmas show. But don't feel despondent if you missed it, because starting this weekend, you'll be able to hear their goofy holiday good times on air.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 14, 2018
Hidden Gem: Sam's Tap
When it comes to many Milwaukee's bars, just the names themselves have lives and stories all of their own. Sam's Tap is not one of those bars. But when you've got a neighborhood behind it, you don't need much else behind the name.
Dining - Dec. 13, 2018
Get happy at the newly opened Angry Taco
The tacos in Milwaukee are apparently an emotional bunch. First we had The Laughing Taco in Walker's Point, and now we have The Angry Taco. But don't let the name fool you; you'll feel anything but angry snacking on these tacos and Mexican meals.