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Matt Mueller
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Movies & TV - Oct. 20, 2018
"The First Patient" discovers the gory details, and humanity, of making a doctor
"OK, but I'll either pass out or I'll want to make a film," said director Chip Duncan during his first visit to an anatomy lab. Thankfully it ended up being the latter, with the filmmaker premiering his new documentary, "The First Patient," at the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival.
Movies & TV - Oct. 20, 2018
WATCH: Three to see - Matt's picks for Day 3 of the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival
See a great movie at the Milwaukee Film Festival or watch the Brewers take on the Dodgers in a decisive Game 7 of the NLCS? It's an impossible debate ... or actually it's not because you don't have to choose!
Movies & TV - Oct. 19, 2018
"Science Fair" is the most fun you'll ever have with a school science project
For 90 minutes, "Science Fair" transports the audience to a blissful future of hope, joy and unbridled enthusiasm for science and education for the sake of science and education. And in 2018, that merits first prize consideration.
Movies & TV - Oct. 19, 2018
Here's your complete 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival schedule
An event a decade in the making, the tenth annual Milwaukee Film Festival is finally upon us. And to help you organize your two-week cinema extravaganza, here is the full lineup - on and off the screen.
Movies & TV - Oct. 18, 2018
10 must-see movies at the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival
It's time to make some hard choices - and to help make those tough picks, I've selected the ten movies you should definitely seek out at the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival, starting tonight and running through Nov. 1.

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