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Matt Mueller
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Movies & TV - Feb. 20, 2019
Beth's solo "This Is Us" episode was as great as you imagined it would be
It took close to three whole seasons, but Beth Pearson finally got an episode of "This Is Us" all to herself. And it did not disappoint, delivering a sparkling, soulful hour of television worthy of one of the show's best characters.
Movies & TV - Feb. 19, 2019
"The Bachelor" Rose Rundown: OK, so when is Colton hopping this freaking fence?
While there was drama this week, none of it involved Colton doing the Lambeau Leap - and even though there was plenty of jumping, all of it was to conclusions, not over fences.
Bars & Clubs - Feb. 18, 2019
An idiot's guide to drinking wine like a real sommelier
Almost all of us drink wine, but how many of us really taste it? Nate Norfolk is the wine and spirits director at Ray's, as well as a certified sommelier, and he kindly let me pick his brain about how a wine idiot can become a wine expert.
Sports - Feb. 16, 2019
Watch a preview for the new Greek Freak documentary "Finding Giannis"
The Greek Freak's coronation into stardom will become official this upcoming All Star Game weekend in Charlotte, where Giannis will not only captain the East but he'll be the focus of a new TV doc, "Finding Giannis."
Movies & TV - Feb. 16, 2019
Where to watch the 2019 Oscar nominees
If you want to be the smartest person in the room come Oscar night, or if you just simply want to join in the conversation rather than ask why everyone's talking about racing ducks, you'll want to catch up with as many of the films as possible. And here's a list of all the nominees to help.