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Shopping - Fondy Farmers Market
2200 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee 414-933-8121
Shopping - Milwaukee County Winter Farmers Market
524 South Layton Blvd. , Milwaukee
Shopping - Tosa Farmers Market
7720 Harwood Ave. , Wauwatosa
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Movies & TV - April 8, 2020
Urban Spelunking: Revamped West Bend Theatre
The West Bend Theatre opened in the wake of a stock market crash in 1929 and survived. The now-renovated and restored venue celebrated its grand reopening a few weeks ago and was shuttered by the coronavirus social distancing that very same night.
Dining - March 18, 2020
Fair game or fowl play: 8 grocery store rotisserie chickens, reviewed & ranked
Rotisserie chickens have become the unsung heroes of quick weeknight meals. But how good do they really taste? And how much do they vary from store to store? Lori Fredrich put chickens from some of the most popular grocers to the test, going in depth to provide you the most comprehensive information possible about each.
Bars & Clubs - March 13, 2020
Fond du Lac's Ledgerock carries on long tradition of farm distilling
To cap off a late summer camping trip, I managed to convince the family to stop for our umpteenth distillery tour of the year at a place called Ledgerock Distillery, just outside Fond du Lac. What we found was unlike any of the other distilleries we saw in our U.S. (and Irish) travels that year.
Buzz - Feb. 11, 2020
Feel the #mkelove! 414 things we love about Milwaukee
Happy Valentines Day, #Milwaukee. Here are SO many reasons we love you. What would YOU add? #mkelove
Movies & TV - Feb. 9, 2020
Wisconsin in the movies
Wisconsin may be a long way from Hollywood, but it's still no complete stranger to the big screen. From giant robots to giant spiders, oil men to anchormen, superheroes to rock-loving zeroes, this is Wisconsin at the cinema.

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Buzz - June 17, 2008
Reader blog Go Local this Summer