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Dave Begel
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#RaiseMKE - Jan. 13, 2015
Accountability, recovery and Dave Begel
Wisconsin Republicans have unveiled their version of a "school accountability" bill; Democrats released their own bill designed to increase accountability at private schools that receive tax-funded vouchers, some students lost two pre-exam days to weather, the Packers won a playoff game, and a fellow columnist responded to what Jay Bullock wrote ... not necessarily in that order.
Music - Jan. 13, 2014
The tender side of Dave Begel
Dave Begel is a big guy. He's of imposing stature and imposing reputation in this town. He's got opinions, a strong voice and he doesn't back down easily. But when he made his solo debut on stage at Linnemann's on Saturday night at his 70th birthday party, we saw that in addition to his hulking frame, Dave's got a hulking big heart, too.
Sports - July 20, 2010
Deep thoughts from Dave Begel
With a week of recovery from knee surgery looming, Dave Begel clears off the dusty file cabinet that is his brain and shares his thoughts on Doug Melvin, Mark Attanasio, the World Cup ... and a few lingering questions.
Arts & Entertainment - Jan. 2, 2014
Dave Begel's 2013 Milwaukee theater favorites
There is nothing I like better than going to see the work of Milwaukee's extremely talented theater community. As 2013 draws to a close, I find myself remembering certain rare and outstanding productions.
Sports - Aug. 24, 2010
Dave Begel vs. fantasy football
First, Dave Begel laid into mixed martial arts. When that furor died down, soccer became his next target. With the World Cup over, Begel has his sights set on fantasy football.
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