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Movies & TV - July 7, 2015
Faiola turns his lens toward Milwaukee's classic church festivals
After documentary films tracing Milwaukee and Wisconsin traditions like Friday night fish fries and the classic supper club, local musician and filmmaker Ron Faiola is preparing to launch a new one. The 30-minute "Tilt-A-Whirls, Cowbells and Beer" visits a number of Milwaukee area church festivals and gets the inside scoop on the history, the logistics and the people behind this summer Brew City institution.
Living - July 26, 2019
100 things to do in Milwaukee this summer
Looking for a way to get out and enjoy summer with your friends and family? We have ideas. From eating at a restaurant with a great patio view to enjoying local festivals to exploring the many outdoor attractions around town and more, here's everything you need for a great Milwaukee summer.
Festival Guide - July 6, 2016
Beloved restaurants offer a taste of nostalgia at Summerfest
Nostalgic about restaurants around town that have closed? If you're lucky, they might still be vending at Summerfest. We ran through the list of vendors and found a number that no longer serve food at brick and mortars, but still have a presence at the Big Gig.
Living - June 30, 2015
From Conejito's to church fests: A MKE native's annual summer return home
Steamy and stormy. That's how I think of Milwaukee summers. And incredibly hectic, too. Summer in the city is always crammed with more festivals, fairs and block parties than civically necessary or nutritionally advisable. But it's an integral element of my longtime summer routine - returning back home for 10 days of fun - and I'm too old to stop now.
Living - Nov. 20, 2012
Milwaukee events that made us cry
The editors and writers at have felt verklempt - maybe even shed a tear or two - at numerous points in Milwaukee's history and here they are.