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Bars and Clubs - Gard's
7170 W. Burleigh St., Milwaukee 414-442-4280
Restaurants - Beer Belly's
512 W. Layton Ave., Milwaukee 414-481-5520
Restaurants - Café El Sol
1028 S. Ninth St., Milwaukee 414-384-3100
Restaurants - Kegel's Inn
5901 W. National Ave. , Milwaukee 414-257-9999
Bars and Clubs - Bucky's Lakeside Pub & Grill
N50 W35016 Wisconsin Ave., Okauchee 262-560-1040

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Dining - Aug. 19, 2019
On the Burger Trail: The cheeseburger at Kam's Thistle & Shamrock
Kam's Thistle & Shamrock is at the top of Lori Fredrich's list for Friday fish frys. But how does their burger fare when put to the test? Read all about it in this week's installment of On the Burger Trail.
Dining - Aug. 18, 2019
52 restaurants for your bucket list in 2019
To assist you in exploring the Milwaukee dining scene in 2019, we've comprised a list of 52 restaurants that should be on your bucket list. Some are brand new. Others have been around for years. A few have been around for decades. All are worth experiencing.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 16, 2019
A guide to Milwaukee's hidden gems
With so many places to choose from, it's easy for some locales - even truly classic Cream City clubs - to fall between the cracks or hide in plain sight. So here are just a few of those hidden gems that you should discover for your next drink.
Tagged with: Hidden Gems, bars, drinking
Dining - Aug. 16, 2019
Milwaukee fish fry guide
It's one of Milwaukee's most cherished and distinctive culinary traditions: the Friday fish fry. This long-lived ritual is alive and thriving in Milwaukee - especially, but not only, during Lent. It's a big list, so dig in and read on.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 9, 2019
Key West in Bay View: Barnacle Bud's is Milwaukee's summer oasis
Beyond a concrete jungle of cement lots and warehouses on Bay View's North Edge lies one of Milwaukee's most hidden venues, and one of the city's worst kept secrets: Barnacle Bud's.

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