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Andy Tarnoff
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Festival Guide - July 10, 2017
Our worst Summerfest shows of all time
Last week, we reminisced about the finest concerts Summerfest had to offer us. But because there must be the bad with the good, the excrement to go with the exemplary, the vegan options to go with the Saz's sampler platter, here are our worst shows.
Festival Guide - July 9, 2017
8 things I saw at Summerfest, presented with minimal commentary
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then sometimes it's best to let them just speak for themselves. Here are eight photos I took that made me look twice during Summerfest's 2017 run.
Festival Guide - July 8, 2017
Summerfesters still swoon for Huey
Rereading my review from 2009, I see that Lewis' set list hasn't changed much in the last seven years ... and why would it? The order has flipped: he opened with "The Heart of Rock & Roll" this time instead off closing with it. But this very tight band, which has been performing in almost the same incarnation since 1979, played hit after `80s hit.
Festival Guide - July 6, 2017
Gone, but not forgotten: Summerfest's homemade wine coolers
Up until just two years ago, Summerfest offered something very unique at a few of the beer stands on the grounds. If you looked hard enough, you could find special red and white wine coolers, with the closely-guarded secret ingredients, that were made just for the Big Gig.
Festival Guide - July 6, 2017
Nineteen Thirteen: When only cello, drums make hauntingly hard-to-describe sense
Nineteen Thirteen is high art, a pairing of two unlikely instruments and a style that is totally its own. This is a group that sounds at home at the Jazz Estate or Linneman's, but eclectically and wonderfully out-of-place on the BMO Stage. But also not.