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Andy Tarnoff
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Movies & TV - Dec. 10, 2018
Why you'll still hear Bruce Winter's voice on WUWM for years to come
When WUWM program director Bruce Winter died last month of complications from cancer at age 64, long-time listeners may have expected the voice they've heard on 89.7 FM to go silent for the first time since 1978. But that's not what station manager Dave Edwards, who worked alongside his friend the entire time, had in mind.
Movies & TV - Nov. 27, 2018
iHeart flips switch on 97.3, launches new FM sports station "The Game"
What has already been a tumultuous year in local radio took another unexpected turn this morning, as iHeartMedia Milwaukee unveiled 97.3 FM The Game.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 26, 2018
7 ways to stay sane on Cyber Monday
It's easy to get swept up in Cyber Monday mania, because scoring an amazing deal is an adrenaline rush. But just because it's cheap doesn't mean you need it, and plenty of pitfalls are out there that make this super shopping day less than spectacular than it's cracked up to be.
Milwaukee History - Oct. 29, 2018
Yes, you can call "the weather" again
A few months ago, we told you about a wonderfully old-school phone number that let you call the time. Now, the service run by John Lochridge in Dallas, has added the current weather and forecast back into the service.
Dining - Oct. 16, 2018
Food Fight: Is Real Chili gross?
Yay or nay for Real Chili?
Tagged with: food fight, chili, real chili