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Andy Tarnoff
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Dining - Oct. 16, 2018
Food Fight: Is Real Chili gross?
Yay or nay for Real Chili?
Tagged with: food fight, chili, real chili
Sports - Oct. 12, 2018
Hank the Dog or Dodger Dogs? The Brewers versus the Dodgers, off the field
Bob Uecker versus Vin Scully. Hank the Dog against Dodger Dogs. Miller Park pitted against Dodger Stadium. These are the truly important questions about determining the National League Champion.
Music - Oct. 11, 2018
Simple Minds' Charlie Burchill previews Saturday's Pabst show
Simple Minds hasn't plated in Milwaukee in a long, long time, but that changes Saturday. We caught up with original member Charlie Burchill for a preview. He says he's very happy to be back in the states for this tour, which he admits is long overdue.
Sports - Oct. 11, 2018
8 things you didn't know about Brewers manager Craig Counsell
There's a lot of trivia surrounding the Whitefish Bay native that you might not know. Here are eight nuggets you can use to impress your friends.
Sports - Oct. 9, 2018
We're one game away from free George Webb burgers
It's happened only once in franchise history. But now it's one game away from happening again. The Brewers, who have won 11 games in a row, have a chance to make it 12 in game one of the NLCS on Friday. And then it's free burger time from George Webb.

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