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Andy Tarnoff
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Movies & TV - Feb. 16, 2018
Blues Bros. "Illinois Nazi" lives in Milwaukee, is pro Santa, holds black belt
Even for die-hard fans of the 1980 comedy masterpiece, "The Blues Brothers," Gene Schuldt is not a household name. But you'll know exactly who we're talking about when we tell you that Schuldt was the Illinois Nazi who drove the green station wagon. The veteran stage actor also lives in Milwaukee.
Music - Feb. 10, 2018
Key change: Dandy Warhols' Zia McCabe pivots from rock to real estate
For this first column in an open-ended series, I spoke with Zia McCabe, the keyboard player of the Dandy Warhols, a Portland-based band with 10 studio albums over its 23-year career. McCabe, a community activist, DJ and mom, recently added another title to her resume: full-time realtor.
Marketplace - Feb. 6, 2018
Knock-offs? No way, not for these items
Not everything is worth the saving of a few shillings - especially if it makes us really happy. Right?
Music - Feb. 3, 2018
George Clinton still brings the funk
On Friday night, OnMilwaukee publisher Andy Tarnoff brought his 9-year-old daughter Mara to see George Clinton at The Pabst Theater for her first real concert, and thus, her first concert review for OnMilwaukee. Here's Mara's take on the '70s funk icon. (Her dad thinks the review is pretty spot-on.)
Marketplace - Jan. 24, 2018
Progress report: Oak Creek IKEA still plans summer opening
The distinctive blue box with the yellow lettering has risen where Drexel Avenue meets I-94 in Oak Creek. But while the exterior of the giant new furniture, home and meatballs emporium looks darn near ready, there's still a ways to go on the inside. We went inside to see.