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Andy Tarnoff
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Holiday Guide - Dec. 31, 2015
2015 picks: Andy Tarnoff
I had to wait until the final day of 2015 to write this recap, because I had a feeling that the movie I saw yesterday ("Star Wars") would be on this list. Sure enough, it was. So here goes another highly subjective look back into the year that was.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 30, 2014
2014 picks: Andy Tarnoff
These year-end lists are always fun to write, because they are so open-ended. So bear with me if I skip the regular categories and think outside the box a little for this one.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 5, 2013
2013 picks: Andy Tarnoff
2013 has been a good year to publisher and co-founder Andy Tarnoff. His family is healthy, his friends are (mostly) awesome, and business is great. And he did a lot of consuming. Here's what he enjoyed the most.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 2, 2012
2012 picks: Andy Tarnoff Publisher Andy Tarnoff had a good year, so it was easy for him to pick his 2012 picks. Spoiler alert: he loved the new James Bond movie, and he still hasn't recovered from the Packers' early exit from the playoffs.
Living - Nov. 24, 2011
2011 picks: Andy Tarnoff
What a year it was. Most of it was spent in a fair amount of pain, culminating with back surgery in August, which led to an awful lot of time on the couch. But not all was bad, and even a herniated disc couldn't keep me from enjoying a lot about Milwaukee in 2011. Here's to an even better 2012!