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Andy Tarnoff
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Buzz - Aug. 13, 2019
Bird scooters return to Milwaukee
Bird, the scooters that dotted the sidewalks of Downtown Milwaukee last summer, will rejoin the scooter scene on Wednesday, as part of the city-run pilot program. They will join the 500 Lime scooters already on the streets.
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Festival Guide - July 6, 2019
Our worst Summerfest shows of all time
We reminisced about the finest concerts Summerfest had to offer us. But because there must be the bad with the good, the excrement to go with the exemplary, here are our worst shows.
Festival Guide - July 5, 2019
Right here, right now: Jesus Jones marks 30 years with first show here since '02
Thanks to a forward-looking approach to this one-off mini tour, Jesus Jones not only played Summerfest for the first time this year, they also marked their 30th anniversary with their first show in Milwaukee in 17 years. I don't know where I was in 2002 when they apparently played here last - I knew, however, I wouldn't miss this one. And the several hundred Gen Xers at Summerfest were right there with me.
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Festival Guide - July 4, 2019
5 questions for Jesus Jones
If you listened to alternative rock on the radio or watched MTV in the early `90s, you certainly remember Jesus Jones. The techno-inspired foursome from southwestern England formed in 1988, but songs like "Right Here, Right Now," "Real, Real, Real" captured a time when both the world and the music business were changing right in front of our eyes.
Festival Guide - July 2, 2019
Our favorite Summerfest shows of all time
As a bonus reward for making it through the off day without going bonkers, here's the OnMilwaukee staff's picks for their favorite Big Gig shows of all time. Because what better way to get pumped for what's to come than to look back.