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Andy Tarnoff
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Movies & TV - June 13, 2018
Milwaukee Talks: WISN-12 sports anchor Stephanie Sutton
The last time we profiled Stephanie Sutton on OnMilwaukee was in 2009, and as much as things have changed in the last eight years, a lot has remained a constant (although she now has three kids, not two).
Sports - May 29, 2018
Go-kart enduro racing rockets past child's play
No matter how long you've had a driver's license, don't pretend for a second that you're not just a little intrigued when you come across a go-kart track. It's fun at 20 miles per hour, but it's something entirely different at five times that speed, two inches off the ground.
Bars & Clubs - May 18, 2018
Hidden gem: North Shore American Legion Post #331
Hidden in plain site, just north of Capitol Drive on Wilson, is an unassuming red brick building housing the North Shore American Legion Post #331. "Most people don't know that this is open to the public," says manager Diane Dowland, who's trying to change that.
Marketplace - May 16, 2018
Demystifying the dent
That sickening thud of backing your car into an unmovable object - followed by the realization that will will cost thousands to fix - will be stuck in your craw until suck it up and shell out for a expensive repair. Enter Nick Sanfilippo. His job, as owner of Acci-Dent auto repair, is to make you smile.
Living - May 10, 2018
ABCD provides one-on-one support to breast cancer patients, 19 years running
While Americans have gotten used to the idea of thinking pink each October, there has remained a gap in services, says Ellen Schupper, the executive director of ABCD - After Breast Cancer Diagnosis. For 19 years, her international organization has set out to change that, founded and grounded right here in Milwaukee.