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Molly Snyder
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Dining - Oct. 11, 2019
Foods that "traumatized" us as kids
Bad food experiences during childhood really stick with us. Do you have one?
Dining - Oct. 10, 2019
Get Your Ass In Here: 6 Milwaukee restaurants
Here are six local restaurants that we would hate to lose, so let's show 'em some love.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 9, 2019
It's last rites for the award-winning Wisconsin Fear Grounds
After 17 years, the owners of the Wisconsin Fear Grounds have sold the business, and as their final hurrah, created the extra-dark haunted experience of your nightmares. It runs through October in Waukesha.
#RaiseMKE - Oct. 7, 2019
On The Table combines community, conversation and action
This year, On The Table takes place on Thursday, Oct. 10. The event is spread out at numerous locations throughout the city, including UW-Milwaukee, Northwestern Mutual, The Pfister Hotel and more.
Dining - Oct. 6, 2019
St. Francis Brewery is closed
According to a sign on the door, the St. Francis Brewery, 3825 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., is closed - and it sounds final.