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Molly Snyder
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Kids & Family - April 21, 2019
When "summer programs" meant game shows with grandparents
Back in our day we didn't go to horse camp or a soccer clinic in the summers. We went to grandma and grandpa's for game shows and sips of Schlitz.
Arts & Entertainment - April 19, 2019
Beyond The Bucks: Fiserv Forum serves up full plate of entertainment
Fiserv Forum is buzzing with Bucks excitement - and there is so much excitement to be had that it's easy to overlook the many other entertaining events.
Sports - April 19, 2019
Top three local spots for Bucks merch
If you never owned a Bucks T-shirt in your life, now's the time to get one. And if you have a drawer full of Bucks clothes, now's also the time to get one.
Bars & Clubs - April 18, 2019
Ex-Milwaukeean opens Brew City-inspired craft brewery in South Korea
Recently, Christopher Wing, a Milwaukee Public Schools graduate who has lived in South Korea for 10 years, opened a craft brewery in Changwon named Rami Brewing.
Dining - April 17, 2019
Eat this now: Chicken and waffles from Coffee Makes You Black
To celebrate Black Restaurant Week - and because we dig chicken and waffles - OnMilwaukee stopped by Coffee Makes You Black for this classic comfort food.