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Restaurants - Lisa's Pizza
2961 N. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee 414-332-6360
Restaurants - Tomaso's
W68 N688 Washington Ave., Cedarburg 262-377-7630
Restaurants - Bobanna's Pizza
1403 Summit Ave., Waukesha 262-521-3300
Restaurants - Upper Crust Pizza
249 E. Hampton Ave., Milwaukee 414-332-6820
Restaurants - Magellan's
370 W. Main St., Waukesha 262-542-0420
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Dining - Oct. 10, 2019
Milwaukee's best pizza, 2019
It took the top spot for many years, then it didn't win last year, but it won again in 2019. You picked it, Milwaukee, and it's a dang good pie.
Dining - Oct. 11, 2017
Milwaukee's best pizza, 2017
Milwaukee had a hard time picking its best pizza, as this was one of our closest races. But, we have a winner - no matter how you slice it.
Dining - Oct. 28, 2016
Milwaukee's best pizza, 2016
Since 2010, Zaffiro's held the title of Milwaukee's best pizza - according to OnMilwaukee readers - until it was kicked out by Transfer Pizza last year. Now, a new contender has risen to the top and has booted both of them out.
Dining - Oct. 12, 2014
Milwaukee's best pizza, 2014
Who will win the hotly contested and much debated best pizza category in this year's Best of Dining poll? Read on to find out!
Dining - Oct. 12, 2012
Milwaukee's best pizza, 2012
There are a lot of pizzerias in Milwaukee - and more than a few great ones - but it seems nothing will convince readers to veer away from their long-time favorite, which takes the title of Milwaukee's best pizza yet again.