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Music - July 5, 2009
The Fray injects youthful enthusiasm at Summerfest
Living legends graced the Marcus Amphitheater stage during this year's edition of Summerfest, including Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, KISS, and Stevie Wonder. Although they all provided stellar showings for the fans at the worlds' largest music festival, the venue seemed ready for some young talent to breathe life into its speakers. The Fray delivered.
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Buzz - Sept. 27, 2008
Surprise! These teens are tuned in
This election, like many Presidential races of the past, is mired in controversy. With both sides contradicting each other and reckless claims flying across the board, it's hard for young, inexperienced voters to know where the candidate's stands on all the issues. Curious to find out what young voters believe about each candidate and even more, what each candidate actually stands for, I talked to two young voters and did some research of my own.
Buzz - Aug. 30, 2008
Are today's teens tuned in to politics?
Following in the footsteps of the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, who recently texted the name of his running mate to his supporters, I decided to use texting to perform a highly, un-scientific social experiment and find out what teens think about the upcoming election.
Music - Aug. 15, 2008
Projekt Revolution hits Alpine Valley
In 2002, the popular nu metal / rap rock band Linkin Park founded a tour called Projekt Revolution. This music extravaganza hits Apline Valley Saturday, Aug. 16.
Buzz - July 12, 2008
Too young to care about politics?
The political realm is a place where old men sit around, argue constantly and devise rules that rarely work. At least, that's the view of many of the younger generation.
Kids & Family - April 26, 2008
Should we pass on prom?
While everyone regains that spring in their step, another excitement arises for juniors and seniors in high school. It's prom season, one of the most memorable events of the high school years.
Arts & Entertainment - April 5, 2008
Celebrating Milwaukee's legendary Brady Street
Milwaukee Fire Capt. Frank Alioto has lived on Brady Street for most of his life, and has spent the past year gathering photos and information to chronicle the deep history of the neighborhood.
Kids & Family - March 22, 2008
Economic realities of being a teenager
While everyone is talking about a possible recession, teenagers face very unique circumstances when it comes to juggling money, a job and all the other items on their plate.
Kids & Family - March 11, 2008
A girl's-eye view of the high-school dating scene
What do girls want in a high school relationship? Our intrepid teen reporter tries to find out.
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Kids & Family - Feb. 9, 2008
Kissing dating goodbye?
Everyone has accepted dating as the norm. Everyone except for Joshua Harris, that is. Harris is a Christian author, who wrote a book a couple years ago called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye."
Kids & Family - Jan. 26, 2008
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
Heartbreaking is the only term that can even begin to describe the mix of emotions that permeated the hearts and souls of Packers fans last Sunday night when the team fell in overtime to the New York Giants.
Kids & Family - Jan. 12, 2008
Deciphering the teen code
Successful communication was imperative for our country's beginning. Communication with your teen is just as important.
Kids & Family - Dec. 29, 2007
"Alter Ego" -- Who are you online?
In the book "Alter Ego -- Avatars and Their Creators" authors Robbie Cooper, Julian Dibbell and Tracy Spaight offer more than 60 examples of individuals and a few couples who gave birth to their own virtual avatars.
Kids & Family - Dec. 8, 2007
Can't miss video game recommendations for teens
This year, as usual, there are great choices for the avid video gamer, but surprisingly, there are also a couple of very popular games that are perfect for hardcore and casual gamers alike.
Kids & Family - Nov. 10, 2007
Tales from the family
This is the time of year to make memories. Fall sports are just ending and winter sports are just beginning. Holidays and events such as Homecoming, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are upon us or approaching fast.
Kids & Family - Oct. 27, 2007
I gotta be home by when?
Teenagers love the nighttime. We're known for our love of staying up until an ungodly hour. But while we may do it often, it isn't always legal.
Kids & Family - Oct. 13, 2007
Summer stories: An escape from the norm
There is a consensus among many adults that teens waste away their summer days. Here are some stories of what a few teens did this past summer to break that trend.
Kids & Family - Sept. 7, 2007
"Tenchu Z" and "NCAA '08" reviewed
David Pflughoeft takes a look at two new video games, "Tenchu Z" and "NCAA '08."
Kids & Family - Aug. 21, 2007
Goodbye sun, hello class
It's that dreaded time of year for anyone 18 or younger. It's the end of the warm, carefree days of summer, and the beginning of another year in a confined classroom.
Sports - Aug. 7, 2007
Before you start screaming at the ump...
Parents and coaches are more focused on winning and perfection, rather than letting their kids play and enjoy the game of baseball.
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