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Dining - Oct. 31, 2010
The boxed brownie debate
I'm normally a die-hard from scratch kind of cook, but as much as I love homemade brownies, my husband prefers the boxed version. This got me thinking about pre-fab foods and why we may love them.
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Dining - Oct. 21, 2010
Triskele's offers fall specials
Triskele's is gearing up for the changing seasons with a fresh batch of specials.
Dining - Oct. 18, 2010
Calderone Club has Italian cuisine and hospitality down to a science
As far as restaurants go, few deliver the consistency of Calderone Club, the family-owned Downtown Milwaukee hangout known for terrific pizza and more.
Dining - Aug. 31, 2010
Quick and simple cooking: Tarragon shrimp
Give this easy recipe a try the next time you're looking for something different at dinnertime.
Dining - Aug. 30, 2010
Can change be good at "new" Trocadero?
Trocadero, 1758 N. Water St., underwent a major facelift earlier this year which not only changed the interior and patio, but pulled out much of the French influence from the menu and pulled in the trademarks that Diablos Rojos Restaurant Group has built into its Café Hollander and Café Centraal locations.
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Dining - Aug. 16, 2010
Prime rib done right at Ward's House of Prime
Ordering prime rib can be hit or miss when dining out. At Ward's House of Prime, 540 E. Mason St., there's little need to worry. The upscale but low-key steakhouse gets things right.
Dining - Aug. 10, 2010
Milwaukee Chop House wine list honored
The Milwaukee Chop House has been recognized by Wine Spectator Magazine.
Dining - Aug. 9, 2010
Mixed visits show Port of Call still finding sea legs
A first weekday lunch visit brought excellent sandwiches, but a weekend stop at Port of Call had different results.
Dining - Aug. 2, 2010
The Dubliner quashes skepticism
It may not be a true gastropub, but The Dubliner offers diners a meal that's well above average bar fare.
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Dining - Aug. 2, 2010
North Star Bistro on the move
North Star Bistro will close later this month to accommodate a move to a bigger location across the street.
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Dining - July 26, 2010
Pork is the star at Jerry's Old Town
A trip to Jerry's Old Town in Germantown won't leave patrons confused; ribs are the featured attraction.
Buzz - July 23, 2010
Surreal peacefulness of a stormy night
The Thursday-night storm brought childhood memories to Amy Schubert.
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Bars & Clubs - July 19, 2010
Limited non-alcoholic choices
Those looking for a non-alcoholic offering out on the town don't have many choices.
Dining - July 19, 2010
Emperor of China still one of the best
Sometimes when you visit a restaurant after being away for some time, you run into the "not what I remembered" curse; you remember places and food as being far superior to what you actually experience upon your return visit. That was not the case upon visiting Emperor of China.
Dining - June 21, 2010
From the ashes, Tomaso's rises with quality
A fire ripped through Tomaso's last fall but the Cedarburg pizzeria dusted itself off and got back to work.
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Dining - June 18, 2010
MOCT launches new menu
After going without regular food service for five years, MOCT has launched a new menu.
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Dining - June 11, 2010
May I have a fork, please?
Is it too much to ask for a fresh fork for each course of a meal?
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Dining - June 9, 2010
Taking the leap to whole wheat
After a lifetime of PB&J on Wonder Bread, switching to wheat wasn't easy but it has benefits.
Dining - June 7, 2010
Scouting Report: Moondance
Moondance Gourmet Food and Coffee, 7001 S. 27th St., is cranking out largely homemade, made to order foods, with the promise "We use only fresh and natural ingredients ... offering a healthy and great tasting alternative to processed fast food."
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Dining - June 1, 2010
Scouting report: Chez Jacques
Getting ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, Chez Jacques made the transition several years back from a tiny spot on South 2nd Street where it was known predominantly for its breakfasts, to the now nearly 200-seat venue, and seems to have done so successfully.
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