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Kids & Family - June 5, 2020
Circumnavigate our celestial neighbor with the virtual Polish Moon Ride
Practice celestial-distancing and log miles towards the moon's circumference in support of the Wisconsin Bike Fed.
Sports - May 29, 2020
Tour of America's Dairyland canceled due to coronavirus
Tight pelotons, large crowds and shared housing are problematic as positive COVID-19 cases continue to rise.
Music - May 1, 2020
Support Milwaukee musicians via Bandcamp today
Today Bandcamp is waiving their fee and giving all money from albums purchased from their site directly to the musicians. Here are 12 Milwaukee artists you should consider supporting.
Arts & Entertainment - April 14, 2020
Milwaukee images you've never seen before
Celebrate Milwaukee Day with these totally Milwaukee images. They are shareable, fun and perfect for 414 Day or any day! On, Milwaukee.
Marketplace - Jan. 20, 2020
On designing a game that interconnects my life and connects with others
It's fun (and frustrating, yes) to watch people playtest your creation. Every game night provided a new opportunity to make the experience a little better. But then one day you watch a game play out with your complete silence and that's when you know that you've made something special that actually works.
Arts & Entertainment - Jan. 13, 2020
Broken Contract launches Kickstarter to fund table top game expansion
Help fund the production of new in-game figures: four breaker children and a hard luck dog.
Sports - Nov. 19, 2019
Love for the new ball and glove
The Brewers' new look is a satisfying new set of icons. It doesn't come out of left field, and while it doesn't quite knock it out of the park, it is an exciting evolution that takes me back (to the ballgame).
Buzz - Nov. 4, 2019
Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ is great
It comes with a bigger screen, pressure sensitive stylus, three cameras, fewer buttons and jacks, and a higher price tag. But it still might be a worthwhile investment.
Sports - Oct. 14, 2019
GP Jo brings tracklocross to Wisconsin
GP Jo Van Deraffe is moving from its original home at Mitchell Park and will instead be located at the Trek headquarters in Waterloo, Wisconsin, bringing a full day of racing and Wisconsin's first Tracklocross race.
Sports - Sept. 23, 2019
Trek Cyclocross World Cup brought the mudness to Waterloo
After a full day of rains and races, these world class athletes battled it out in mud that was "three carpets deep."
Sports - Aug. 30, 2019
The muddy and merry cyclocross season returns in September
To be competitive riders manifest their technical skills across a variety of turns, terrains, barriers and straight-up open chases.
Music - Aug. 30, 2019
Say it ain't so! New NO/NO album and a farewell show
As if the album was meant to mirror trajectory our too-short time with the group, the final song, "A Constant State of Flux," arrives quickly and ends abruptly, reminding us that nothing lasts forever.
Living - July 15, 2019
Bike boulevard plans for Riverwest and Harambee reaching finalization
Fratney and Wright were selected thanks to their low impact on the already low traffic flow, position between busy arterial streets, promoting connectivity between neighborhoods, and proximity to the Beerline bike trail.
Sports - July 12, 2019
Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic mountain bike race returns
Rip your way through Minooka Park at the Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic, a mountain bike race for all skill levels.
Living - June 25, 2019
As distracted driving continues, protected bike lanes protect everyone
Cycling and pedestrian improvements make streets safer for motorists, too.
Marketplace - June 21, 2019
First look: Cream City Hostel
The Cream City Hostel is nearly ready for its first guests. Take a peek inside and see what's new.
Sports - June 18, 2019
Everything you need to know to enjoy the 2019 Tour of America's Dairyland
The Tour of America's Dairyland is the nation's largest road cycling competition. Eleven days of block parties starts Thursday.
Kids & Family - June 11, 2019
Polish Moon slow roll unifies cultures with pedaling polka
Milwaukee is a city with a diverse history, and the Wisconsin Bike Fed aims to celebrate these histories at the Polish Moon Ride on Friday, June 21 starting at 5 p.m.
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