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Marketplace - May 10, 2019
Call for vendors: THE WAKE Bike Swap and Gold Sprints on June 1
A bike swap, party and stationary bike race to benefit Vulture Space.
Tagged with: vulture space, bike swap
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 7, 2019
A geek's guide to Milwaukee
Want to turn your weekend into a geekend? We've loaded up a day of activities that send you on a journey around the greater Milwaukee area in search of the premier geek experience. Good for any day, by the way, not just weekends. Enjoy!
Arts & Entertainment - April 14, 2019
Milwaukee images you've never seen before
Celebrate Milwaukee Day with these totally Milwaukee images. They are shareable, fun and perfect for 414 Day or any day! On, Milwaukee.
Buzz - April 13, 2019
OnMilwaukee is bringing gifs and stickers to your social networks
We have been putting out Milwaukee-themed emojis through our LocaMoji app for a few years, but now we're animating and integrating them through Giphy.
Buzz - Feb. 20, 2019
Take a break from shoveling with Wisco Bingo (then sigh and get back to it)
Who knew that shoveling out a neighbor while they're on vacation could be so fun?
Tagged with: winter, bingo, wisco bingo, game, fun
Buzz - Feb. 15, 2019
Milwaukee will get a new flag, but what it will look like is still in question
The Arts Board deliberated and decided that yes, the city needed a new flag, but did not explicitly state what the flag should look like.
Living - Feb. 15, 2019
Show your support for the family of DPW worker Bryan Rodriguez
Bryan Rodriguez was out on the job filling potholes when he was struck and killed by a driver who pinned Rodriguez between their car and the back of his own work truck.
Marketplace - Jan. 15, 2019
Google Pixelbook laptop/tablet is a nice entertainment device
The device is crisp, bright and fun to use, but a lack of key apps causes productivity to suffer.
Marketplace - Jan. 10, 2019
New Belgianwerkx Bicycle Studio owner wants to bring start-up energy to shop
Belgianwerkx Bicycle Studio has changed hands from Bill Koehler to John W. Miller, founder of Milwaukee-based venture capital firm, Arenberg Holdings. The sale, according to a press release, was finalized on Dec. 31.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 28, 2018
Add Milwaukee Krampusnacht to your holiday traditions
In the last decade Krampus has found a new niche of fans, who desire a less sanitized or perhaps a less copyrightable, corporate-friendly holiday mascot.
Buzz - Nov. 15, 2018
Let's save $100,000 and just vote on the flag already
If the design wasn't good, this flag would have died. But now it's more popular than ever.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 13, 2018
Slide into the spirit of the season with the Santa Cycle Rampage
Over the last decade it has attracted thousands of people to get dressed up in red white and green and take to two wheels for a holiday Halloween of sorts.
Sports - Nov. 6, 2018
Stories from the cyclocross scene
"Omg I'm going to die. I can't do this. My legs are going to fall off. Why am I doing this? Why did I PAY to do this? My lungs are going to collapse. Keep going. Keep moving forward. You can do this."
Sports - Nov. 5, 2018
The new Bucks City Edition uniforms are loud and secretly great
The current green and cream standard does have a classic, understated cool-ness to it. But this bold, new, colorful City uniform is great for the exact opposite reasons.
Sports - Sept. 27, 2018
The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship arrives this weekend
It's quite impressive the level of nimbleness and control seasoned players can achieve while swooping in to block a shot, tangling mallets together, whipping back to catch a pass, and smacking the ball between the two wheels of an opponent, all without putting a foot on the ground.
Sports - Sept. 12, 2018
World class athlete Kaitie Keough to compete at Humboldt Park race
The world-class champ will make a special appearance ahead of the World Cup races.
Sports - Sept. 5, 2018
Ridin' dirty: Cyclocross season is here
Unpaved terrain and an assortment of challenges that showcase bike handling skills as much as it showcases pure strength and speed.
Marketplace - Sept. 3, 2018
The Great 48: A tour d'Outpost Natural Foods
Enjoy Wisconsin's open roads, snacks and beverages from Outpost Natural Foods.
Living - Aug. 21, 2018
These buildings were demolished for soulless surface parking spaces
Do you remember these buildings before they were turned into parking lots?
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