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Movies & TV - July 8, 2015
Holy nostalgia, Batman! An original Batmobile resides in Oconomowoc
While the campy but delightful TV show "Batman" approaches a half a century since its network debut, the Batmobile remains an "it" automobile, standing the test of time in coolness and recognizable design. Baby Boomers, Bat-Fans and beyond dream of cruising around town in style if ever given the keys to take Batman's ride for a spin. For Oconomowoc native Craig Schiefelbein, that dream is a reality, tucked away in his personal Batcave.
Sports - June 5, 2012
Model of efficiency: From the runway to the fairway
Holly Finley is a transplanted Wisconsinite who seems to have a knack for finding her niche. Her profession is modeling. Her passion is disc golf. They coexist perfectly.
Sports - May 30, 2012
The "What if?" Brewers
With the current state of the Milwaukee Brewers, who now resemble their Triple A Nashville Sounds team more than a collection of Major Leaguers, I thought it might be entertaining and amusing to dial up some Brew Crew players from yesteryear who could certainly help the team if they were still, indeed, in the organization.
Sports - May 21, 2012
Local coaches speak out on rash of NFL health controversies
Bounties. Concussions. Lawsuits. Suicide. These are the NFL buzz words littering the off-season air of late, making headlines in areas the league wishes would vanish. Will the landscape of football suffer because of all the negative press? Five high school head football coaches offered up their opinions on the latest matters in the sport.
Sports - May 12, 2012
Former Warhawk Jeff Donovan keeps his game in "Czech"
Seven time zones away, Jeff Donovan is still living the diamond life. The former Wauwatosa East three-sport athlete, who went on to rack up eye-popping numbers at UW-Whitewater in two sports, has finally boiled down his competitive juices, focused strictly on baseball in a country where the sport barely blips on the radar.
Sports - April 16, 2012
99 and counting: WIAC approaches its centennial season
The Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference's 2012-13 athletic season will mark 100 years of competition in the ninth-oldest conference in the NCAA. Considering the seismographic shifting of schools and conferences at the top levels today, longevity alone is worth a party.
Sports - April 8, 2012
Showalter finds new success on the sidelines
Steve Showalter provided Germantown High School with one of its finest moments when his unbeaten Warhawks edged out Rufus King for the WIAA Division 1 State Basketball Championship. Named the Associated Press Coach of the Year in Wisconsin, the 12-year veteran coach was lucky to have his two sons, senior Zak and sophomore Jake, along for the ride.
Sports - March 14, 2012
Nortman not ready to give football the boot
It's usually elementary to peg someone for the glamour positions on the gridiron, but the position of punter sometimes ends up a de facto choice - whoever wants it, can have it. Brookfield native Brad Nortman, who has served as the Wisconsin Badgers' punter for the last four seasons, not only raised his hand to accept the role, he turned himself into a sandlot weapon.
Sports - March 5, 2012
Time marches "fourth"
Yesterday - Sunday, March 4 - marked 50 years on this planet for me. Birthdays bring about not only that gaze into what lies ahead, but an annual reflection and flush of the brain cells. For someone who grew up with a sports love affair, playing it, reading about it, reporting on it, walking, talking and writing about it, flashbacks often conjure up an athletic theme.
Sports - March 2, 2012
Watt amped to prove and produce
Turns out, even the sky may not be the limit for J.J. Watt. The Pewaukee native's rookie season with the NFL's Houston Texans sparkled on and off the field, and his selection with the 11th overall pick in last year's draft looks like a Houston heist. They may do everything bigger in Texas, but the 6' 6", 288-pound Watt relishes an occasional splash of the small-town feel of home in the off-season, content to hang out with his brothers Derek and T.J. and parents John and Connie.
Sports - Feb. 18, 2012
Miller Park holds a time capsule of Brewers history
Miller Park may be approaching the teenage years, but the Brewers franchise has a unique history that stretches into middle-age status. Within the bowels of the ballpark lies a concrete storage area with one-of-a-kind links to the past. Measuring 160 feet wide by 220 feet long, this warehouse, tucked away near the south dock entrance, houses keepsakes and relics that may someday find a more shining home than some generic cardboard box.
Sports - Feb. 8, 2012
Mike check: courtside with a college basketball color analyst
Mike Kelley was one of "those" basketball players. Never flashy, but efficient. Fundamentally sound with leadership qualities oozing from his sweat. Kelley was that cliché, "lets his game do the talking" type of athletes. No longer an athlete, Mike Kelley now lets his talking describe a game - as a college basketball color analyst for the ESPN Network family.
Sports - Jan. 25, 2012
Szelc earning his stripes as hoops ref
Paul Szelc truly does whistle while he works. Born and raised in West Allis in a house his parents still call home, the 34-year-old Szelc keeps his Wisconsin roots with a home base in Wauwatosa. But during the winter months, he is constantly traveling, calling traveling - and other basketball violations - as a college basketball referee.
Sports - Jan. 23, 2012
Moving those always on the move
Home isn't necessarily where the heart is. Sometimes, it's where a team in professional sports trades you. Brookfield native Dave Eyrise understands the plight of today's modern-day athlete and acts as a concierge of sorts to assist ballplayers and their families settle in and settle down. His business creation Athletes On The Move lends a helping hand to buy, sell and find shelter during and after the sports seasons so his clients can focus on hitting, pitching, running, dunking and scoring.
Sports - Jan. 11, 2012
Grassroots movement is minimal at Miller Park
Following a thrill ride season of high-decibel, through-the-roof baseball racket, Miller Park earned a lengthy dose of off-season serenity. Likewise, the stadium playing field is also in winter hibernation mode at the moment. If you're lunching at Friday's Front Row Sports Grill, grab a window seat and check out the view. The grass isn't always greener on the other side ... it's whiter.
Marketplace - March 16, 2010
Local floor specialists provide one shining moment
Only eight teams will participate in NCAA Tournament games in Milwaukee this weekend, but a majority of the games nationwide will be contested on courts made right here in Milwaukee.
Sports - March 15, 2010
Badgers, UWGB draw bids to women's tournament
Two state teams were invited to the women's NCAA Tournament.
Sports - March 10, 2010
Brainstorming: Let's blow away the blowouts
After seeing the lopsided scores posted in some WIAA regional playoff games last night, contributor Bob Brainerd thinks its time to rethink the prep basketball postseason.
Sports - March 8, 2010
Brainstorming: Tidbits from the weekend in sports
Bob Brainerd is back with more observations from the local sports landscape. They might make you ask "really?" or "who cares?"
Sports - Feb. 22, 2010
After 30 years, memories of a 'Miracle' remain strong
It was exactly three decades ago today that a group of fresh-faced hockey players re-wrote the David vs. Goliath story. The United States hockey team shocked the world, and the powerhouse Russians, in an Olympic semifinal showdown in Lake Placid, N.Y. The "Miracle on Ice" remains one of those unforgettable moments in sports.
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