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Music - March 13, 2007
Irish archive shows that music documents history
The Ward Irish Music Archives, the largest such collection outside of Ireland, with over 40,000 Irish and American Irish musical recordings and artifacts, is the centerpiece of the American Sheet Music Symposium.
Marketplace - April 27, 2005
2005 spring gardening guide
Impatiens, cosmos, snapdragons, petunias. Take your pick! But before grabbing the trowel and hitting the dirt, there are a few things to remember about spring gardening in Wisconsin. Here are some tips from a pro.
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Sports - April 25, 2005
Fitness Buffet: Race for a cure or just for fun
Whether you're looking to beef up your quads -- or just your T-shirt drawer -- or you want to donate a few bucks for a good cause, summer in Milwaukee is the time to run and walk. Here's a great list to get you going.
Arts & Entertainment - April 14, 2005
OMC cuts the cheese for charity at Gallery Night
For years, Gallery Night and Day artists have wowed Milwaukee's art-enthused masses with drawings, jewelry and photographs. They've painted for the public; they've sculpted. But never have they carved cheese.
Buzz - April 11, 2005
Fitness Buffet: Banking on a memorable triathlon
"Triathloning is where marathoning was in the '80s," says Pete Mueller of Body Mechanics Training Studio. And this healthy bandwagon is driving around town not only to shape up the sluggish but also to help others live.
Buzz - March 28, 2005
Fitness Buffet: Good old-fashioned core workouts
The worst part about dropping bad habits and adopting new ones is getting started. And if you just can't seem to hop the hairy hurdle of a sedentary lifestyle, maybe it's time to turn to the experts. Andrea Dow, a local fitness guru, has a few tips.
Buzz - March 14, 2005
Fitness Buffet: Trading shots, vodka for wheatgrass
In bars all over the city, it's the patrons who are getting juiced, slamming shots of Jack. But in the lesser-known juice bars, it's wheatgrass that's being juiced. And shots of this green stuff will save your health instead of kill it.
Marketplace - March 7, 2005
Passion Parties perks up dwindling sensual pleasures
"It gives guests the opportunity to see, feel and taste a large assortment of sensual products including edible lotions and creams, body, bath and massage products, books, games and adult bedroom toys," says Passion Parties consultant Angie Polinsky.
Sports - Feb. 28, 2005
Fitness Buffet: Born and bread in Milwaukee
Now serving Brew City something a little different, OMC's new Fitness Buffet will keep your body, mind and soul in shape with a biweekly dose of health. First up...Miltown was ranked 15th fittest city in the U.S. But do we fit the bill?
Movies & TV - Feb. 22, 2005
Milwaukee Talks: Filmmaker Chip Duncan
Just like most of us do, Chip Duncan started at the bottom. He went from painting studio floors and sets at the NBC affiliate in Madison to being an award-winning documentary filmmaker, author, lecturer and president of The Duncan Group, Inc., based in Milwaukee.
Arts & Entertainment - Feb. 14, 2005
Wendell's back at Cans, talks about "The Bachelorette" and Brew City
Wendell from "The Bachelorette" is back in Milwaukee for a special Valentine's Day night event at Cans Bar and Canteen, 1815 E. Kenilworth Pl., to watch the show with reality TV diehards. And this might not be the last we see of him.
Dining - Jan. 24, 2005
Mocha-licious coffee bistro moves into town
Milwaukee restaurateur John Vassallo has slathered the city with steaks, seafood and Italian cuisine -- all in the name of Mo. And his latest mo-licious venture, Mocha -- A Coffee bistro, rounds out his delicious empire with cozy quarters and sweet treats.
Travel & Visitors Guide - Jan. 3, 2005
Warehouse No. 1 honors Third Ward's industrial boom
In 1904, Warehouse No. 1 was constructed in place of the Hansen Hop & Malt Co. that burned down over 10 years before. And just recently that same structure was refurbished and re-dedicated to the flourishing Third Ward.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 16, 2004
Skee-Ball at an Irish pub? Try Bubs
There's Paddy's, Mo's, Judge's, and the Irish pub list goes on. But none of these places flaunts the fun and games that Bubs does. Skee-Ball, dart ball, Air Hockey and plenty more childhood arcade memories come alive at this Germantown pub.
Dining - Nov. 29, 2004
Slow Food Movement spices Unkerfer's work at Sticks & Stones
Chef J. Britton Unkerfer began his culinary voyage at age 13 in his family's Door County restaurant. After cooking around the world, he now uses all he's learned from Slow Food and quality products at Brookfield's Sticks & Stones.
Movies & TV - Nov. 12, 2004
Cast of "Bridget Jones" sequel plumps up the humor
Bridget Jones is back in "The Edge of Reason" right where she left off, feeling better than ever ... well, kind of. With the oh-so-perfect Mark Darcy by her side, her extra large bum and undignified career in journalism don't seem as bad as before.
Dining - Nov. 11, 2004
Feker doesn't stop with Il Mito, Los Mitos on the way
Los Angeles chef Michael Feker, who owns Il Mito, is opening Los Mitos, 780 N. Jefferson St., where he'll grill contemporary Latin-Californian cuisine and bringing in live bands to play music as vibrant as the décor.
Marketplace - Nov. 3, 2004
Personal services can simplify a hectic life
There's a certain thrill in finding the perfect pair of shoes or cheering up a friend with a bouquet of flowers. Often there aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy these simple thrills. But personal shoppers can help, and they're popping up to get the job done.
Arts & Entertainment - Oct. 29, 2004
Giraud taps New Berlin as new dance studio site
Giraud Studio of the Arts is saying goodbye to Hales Corners and reopening at 2732 S. 163rd St. in New Berlin, a community which has supplied many of Giraud's talented dancers. An open house is slated for Friday, Oct. 29 from 2 until 7 p.m.
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Dining - Oct. 28, 2004
HopSheng peppers East Side Chinese scene with new flavor
HopSheng Gourmet Chinese restaurant has put a shine on the shabby old Golden Chicken location, 2430 N. Murray Ave., offering the East Side a tiny upscale Chinese eatery with a fresh look and fresh flavor.
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