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Dining - Sept. 29, 2008
Waukesha's best German eateries
There are some wonderful restaurants in Waukesha County to satisfy your wurst -- or schnitzel -- craving. And it doesn't have to be Oktoberfest for you to enjoy fine German and Swiss cuisine out west.
Dining - July 5, 2008
Eating Italian in Waukesha
With all the restaurants that serve Italian food, especially pizza, how does one choose a good one? That's easy. Follow a little Italian woman into one. If it's good for mamma, it's got to be good.
Marketplace - Jan. 21, 2004
Selfcares urges pampering your stressed-out self
Selfcares, the Third Ward's newest massage and relaxation spa, is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, the owner of Milwaukee's only no-appointment, walk-in spa is Jerry Lerner, a rehabilitation physician.
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Kids & Family - Jan. 14, 2004
Couple plans play dates for parents
Young parents know what that's like. Dinner in a nice restaurant can be an awkward display if junior fusses. That's why Beth Ridley and her husband are launching Parents Play Date for moms, dads and tots.
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Sports - Jan. 8, 2004
Milwaukee Talks: Paul Molitor
You read it here first, folks: The first one-on-one interview with future Hall of Famer Paul Molitor. We chatted with The Ignitor on his amazing career and induction into Cooperstown in this latest edition of Milwaukee Talks.
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Bars & Clubs - Dec. 29, 2003
Revamped Puddler's tavern to reflect workers' spirit
Whether you remember it as Barbiere's, Sue's Bay View Bandwagon, Marty's Party or some other watering hole, you can rejoice because Tim Capper of Colonel Hart's Pub is reopening the old Puddler's Hall.
Kids & Family - Dec. 28, 2003
Soothing lollipop conjures sweet memories of youth
Seeing the soothing powers of a single sucker recently, our Mario Ziino embarked on a journey through some sweet memories of the candy and treats that made him smile when he was a Milwaukee kid.
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Marketplace - Dec. 24, 2003
Puppy pals inspire Brady Street's Metropawlis
In October, Metropawlis opened its doors to all felines and canines at 1327 E. Brady St. To say the least, Geri and Augie Ray, as well as the neighborhood, are quite happy with the fit of a boutique for the urban pet.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 19, 2003
RC's bar springs back to life
There's new life in the old place. Once known as the East Side's first and finest beer garden, RC's is getting a new face-lift, thanks to Mike Foy. RC's opens up again tonight on North Avenue.
Marketplace - Dec. 17, 2003
A Bay View landmark, Groppi's glows again
When the Groppi family decided it was time to finally retire from the corner grocery it opened in 1913, John Nehring was more than happy to breathe new life into a place that loomed large in his memories of childhood.
Wedding Guide - Dec. 15, 2003
Pagel's cakes fulfill dream of rolling in the dough
Debbie Pagel's Eat Cakes! is a sweet addition to Vliet Street. Eat Cakes!, 4303 W. Vliet St., is an alternative for those looking for extraordinary mouth-watering treats for those special occasions.
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Kids & Family - Dec. 14, 2003
Parents, remember: a radio-flyer is more than a toy
Everyone has an opinion as to what toy provided the most fun growing up. There's nothing like getting a shiny new radio-flyer as a kid. Mario Ziino says those rolling red wagons defined his generation.
Marketplace - Dec. 12, 2003
Brady Street shop personifies melting pot vibe
French for old and new, Vieux et Nouveau (old and new for the non Francophones), a cozy second-floor shop, is filled with unusual items, ranging from handbags to jewelry to sculptures to prints.
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Buzz - Dec. 11, 2003
Turner prepares to whip neglected ballroom into shape
Sealed like a tomb for nearly 70 years after a fire, Milwaukee's historic Turner Hall is conducting a vigorous campaign to unlock the potential of its once ornate, spirited and socially dynamic ballroom.
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Marketplace - Dec. 10, 2003
Aqua Exhibits is Milwaukee's Kingfish
For better than 30 years, Aqua Exhibits has been one of the Midwest's largest suppliers of fresh and saltwater tropical fish. Their downtown store even has live sharks swimming around. Here's their story.
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Movies & TV - Dec. 9, 2003
Once-beloved drive-ins now fading fast
Drive-in movie theaters once prospered as cinemas under the stars. Milwaukeeans once loved to flee the city and catch a flick or two in the great outdoors. Sadly, current and future generations will miss out.
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Dining - Dec. 8, 2003
Thompson brings 30 years of BBQ experience to J. T. Bones
Located at 801 E. Capitol Dr., J.T. Bones features barbeque ribs, catfish, chicken, shrimp and a zesty southern buffet in a sit down or carry-out style. Just one visit and you'll be back.
Kids & Family - Dec. 8, 2003
Working toward a Youth Arts Center
One could understand how the Milwaukee Youth Symphony and First Stage Children's Theater are literally, in concert, when it comes to the arts. Now, the organizations are in harmony with the future, and a new Youth Arts Center.
Marketplace - Nov. 26, 2003
Don't bet against the Fein Brothers
Herb Kohl did, once, and lost. After 75 years in business, Fein Brothers is still around and is top of the game when it comes to the restaurant and tavern supply business in Brew City. We recently stopped in for a visit.
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Marketplace - Nov. 25, 2003
Brenner hopes Milwaukee flips over Hotcakes
Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) president Mike Brenner is hoping that Hotcakes, his new art gallery in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood, will be an outlet for artists to display and sell their work.
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