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#RaiseMKE - April 9, 2020
VISIT Milwaukee hosts Hospitality Heroes Blood Drives
VISIT Milwaukee - with partner Aurora Health Care - announced today that it will host a series of Hospitality Heroes Blood Drives beginning Thursday, April 14.
Marketplace - April 9, 2020
Artist of the day: Papyrus & Charms
Lilo Allen, owner of Papyrus & Charms, creates culturally conscious wearable art that's inspired by her Afro-Caribbean ancestry and her love for crystals, wood and shells.
Marketplace - April 9, 2020
Wear it in good health: Pandemic-themed T-shirts
In the spirit of experiencing moments of lightness and fun during a grave period in history, look no further than the pandemic-themed T-shirt.
Marketplace - April 8, 2020
Artist of the Day: Lana Salameh
Lana Salameh's colorful paintings are inspired by memories, humans, dreams, an anxious mind, patterns and light. They are for sale on Etsy.
Bars & Clubs - April 7, 2020
The joy of the shower beer
I have taken a bath with a glass of wine before, and I have drank coffee while showering, but last night I joined the ranks of millions (?) and experienced my first showerbeer.
Marketplace - April 7, 2020
Artist of the day: Janelle Gramling
Janelle Gramling is a primarily self-taught fiber and ceramic sculptor living and working in Milwaukee's Clarke Square neighborhood. Her gorgeous work is available for purchase online.
Bars & Clubs - April 7, 2020
Have your next virtual meetup at Landmark Lanes
Looking for a comforting Wisconsin bar background for your next Zoom hangout? Well look no further because you can now hang out at the iconic Landmark Lanes via Zoom.
Marketplace - April 6, 2020
Artist of the day: Beth Eaton
Recently, local ceramicist Beth Eaton opened her first pottery shop, 815 E. Potter Ave., in Bay View. The fact she found the perfect permanent space to sell her ultra-cute clay creations on Potter Avenue was not a coincidence lost on Eaton.
Arts & Entertainment - April 5, 2020
Milwaukee musician mashes up Dr. Seuss with Dr. Dre and it's fantastic
A few years ago, Milwaukee musician and filmmaker Wes Tank found a copy of the beloved Dr. Seuss book "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" on his way into a basement show in Minneapolis where he was set to perform and he was instantly inspired by it.
Kids & Family - April 4, 2020
At least our pets are loving this quarantine
Our dogs - and some of our cats - are terrible social distancers, often inconsiderate coworkers and making cameos in video meetings world-wide. And yet, most of them are absolutely loving this period of self-quarantining.
Living - April 3, 2020
We need to talk about our daily drinking
It's shamed into secrecy, but everyday drinking is a reality for many in Wisconsin. Let's talk about this.
Arts & Entertainment - April 3, 2020
Artist of the day: Steph Davies
Steph Davies, owner of The Waxwing, is illustrating local businesses and selling the prints as part of a "Milwaukee Small Business Print Fundraiser."
Music - April 3, 2020
Gufs' singer invites musicians to record "When This Is Over" in solidarity
Goran Kralj, lead singer and songwriter for The Gufs, wrote and recorded a song called "When This Is Over" that addresses the coronavirus crisis, and invited musicians from all over the world to post their own versions as a way to unite during the stay-at-home orders.
Marketplace - April 3, 2020
How to make a DIY mask
It's time to start making masks, Milwaukee. Here are some easy-to-do designs.
Tagged with: coronavirus, masks, DIY
Marketplace - April 2, 2020
Artist of the day: ArteryInk
ArteryInk is a collaboration between two women artists who combine wellness with art. Check out their COVID-inspired letter-writing service and new T-shirts. A portion of proceeds go toward Milwaukee healthcare workers.
Sports - March 31, 2020
Writer pens 34 "Giannis haiku" for National Poetry Month
Tom Erickson is a lifelong basketball fan and a writer, so after getting inspired after attending a poetry event at Linneman's a few months ago, he decided to write 34 haiku about Giannis for National Poetry Month which is April.
Marketplace - March 31, 2020
Stores offering "curbside crafts" combine creativity with safety
To ensure social distancing, a few local craft shops and businesses now offer curbside pickup of art supplies and / or everything needed to do a particular craft.
Arts & Entertainment - March 31, 2020
Artist of the day: Renee Bebeau
Renee Bebeau is a multi-medium artist, but applying henna designs on both people and canvasses is one of her most passionate creative endeavors. Her beautiful work is for sale online.
Marketplace - March 30, 2020
Updated: The scoop on your Amazon orders as of today
There's been a lot of confusion about what Amazon is delivering, and this is likely to change, but as of today - Monday, March 30 - here's the deal according to Amazon's blog.
Tagged with: Amazon, covid-19, deliveries
Living - March 30, 2020
Know your blood type? If not, finding out isn't easy
Unless you've recently had a baby or a surgery, your doctor cannot tell you your blood type. Even in a life or death situation. So OnMilwaukee went to the Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin to donate blood today and figure it out.
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