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Music - June 30, 2020
Protests, systemic racism, hip-hop and change with Ald. Rainey & Dave Mays
On the episode, we go deep into hip-hop culture and discuss its misperceptions, how it has helped disenfranchised communities have a voice and expression, and how the industry has evolved for better and for worse over the last thirty years.
Living - June 18, 2020
To build or to buy? The things you should know before building a new home
Building a home can be the source of a lot of stress. Luckily, on this episode of the Keeping it Local Podcast Powered by First Federal Bank, we have our own Brian McManus and David Belman from David Belman Homes to answer some key questions.
#RaiseMKE - June 5, 2020
A very candid conversation on race in Milwaukee
To date, Iâ€TMve put out 113 episodes of the GoGedders podcast. This is the most important.
Marketplace - May 21, 2020
Essential Milwaukee retailers talk about adapting to COVID-19
From hiring 200 new grocery store employees to figuring out how to conduct eye exams safely, the business owners we talked to in this episode of The GoGedders Podcast have had to make some really tough decisions in the last several weeks.
#RaiseMKE - May 20, 2020
COVID-19 survivor Judge Mosley shares his story of spending 8 days in the ICU
"I can't stress to people enough how frightening it is to not be able to breathe."
Buzz - May 18, 2020
Should Wisconsin have reopened?
As you all know, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court overturned Gov. Tony Evers' "Safer At Home" order last week. But was this the right move? We got to hear from five diverse local business and political leaders giving a wide range of perspectives.
Marketplace - May 13, 2020
LISTEN: Demystifying hemp: The past, present and future in Wisconsin
As well as going over the past, present and future of the hemp industry in Wisconsin, this podcast dives into what it was like to start a business in this ambiguous industry, the barriers they face while getting off the ground and more.
Marketplace - April 29, 2020
Rotarian business owners talk government response, adapting to COVID-19
For just the sixth time in their 107-year history, The Rotary Club of Milwaukee hosted a virtual meeting, connecting business leaders to talk about how COVID-19 has impacted their businesses and how they are adapting to these unprecedented times.
Marketplace - April 17, 2020
Mandela Barnes, MKE leaders talk election and continued response to COVID-19
As Milwaukee continues to respond to the increasingly impactful COVID-19, we bring you the third installment of our series of episodes speaking with leaders grappling with the virus and its impact.
Sports - April 16, 2020
What will golf be like under "Safer at Home"? I got a preview in Dunn County
Early last week, my girlfriend got off the phone with her mom and informed me that Dunn County, Wisconsin golf courses are open. I looked at her in disbelief. During the pandemic? The "Safer at Home" order for our state? How is that legal?
Marketplace - April 9, 2020
How leaders from the Bucks, the DNC, Marquette and more adapt to COVID-19
Last week, we brought together 11 diverse Milwaukee business owners to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations, what they are doing to pivot, the lessons they've learned and the silver lining they see from all of this. So, we did it again.
Marketplace - April 6, 2020
Over 1,300 weddings and counting: A conversation with David Hackbarth
David Hackbarth's obsession with wedding production and DJing started at just 10 years old. Since then, he's handled over 1300 weddings - and as we'll learn in this episode, it's about so much more than just the music.
Marketplace - April 2, 2020
How 11 Milwaukee leaders are adapting to COVID-19
Today, The GoGedders Podcast is publishing what may be my favorite episode of all time. In this podcast, we gave ten business owners each five minutes to just talk about what they are facing and how they are adapting to this pandemic.
Marketplace - March 20, 2020
How can Milwaukee survive the economic impact of coronavirus?
Tim Sheehy lets us know what's going on behind the scenes and gave some advice to corporations, small business owners and the rest of us Milwaukeeans. Listen in to learn about how to handle COVID-19 in both the coming weeks and months.
Living - March 15, 2020
How to handle COVID-19 in Milwaukee with Dr. Malika Siker
Due to the urgency and uncertainty of the situation, we did a last-minute GoGedders podcast Saturday morning to talk with Dr. Malika Siker about how COVID-19 is affecting Milwaukee.
Living - Feb. 27, 2020
How to overcome anxiety day-by-day
Due to the response from sharing parts of my journey with anxiety, I decided to do a solo podcast for the first time ever to really open up about my history with anxiety, what caused me to make a change and the specific tactics I have used to get better.
Bars & Clubs - Feb. 12, 2020
Navigating a city that loves to drink when you're looking to cut back
Milwaukee is a city that loves to drink. But as more and more folks - young folks, too - shy away from alcohol in favor of a healthier lifestyle, things can get a bit complicated.
Living - Jan. 21, 2020
How to (still) make 2020 your fittest year yet
After personally going to F45 the last several months, loving the workouts and culture they've built, and seeing results, I wanted to bring Wade Ritchie and Tasha Tyriver on the podcast this week to break down proper goal setting, diet and fitness.
Living - Dec. 20, 2019
The GoGedders MKE holiday dating guide podcast
These chilly winter months can get pretty crazy. Add a new relationship into the mix, and you've got a recipe to make anyone's head spin. Lucky for you, we have teamed up with Kessler's Diamonds for a special holiday edition of "Dating Advice"‌ on The GoGedders Podcast.
#RaiseMKE - Dec. 12, 2019
Meet Echelon: MKE's emerging professional group that's here to help our homeless
Echelon, one of Milwaukee's premier emerging professional groups, has been making big waves as of late. So we had three members on The GoGedders Podcast to talk about what fuels this group's success, the ways people can get involved and more.
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