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#RaiseMKE - July 7, 2020
Rebel Converting vows mask materials donation if city passes ordinance
Saukville manufacturer Rebel Converting, which has donated millions of masks already during the COVID-19 pandemic, has vowed to donate the materials needed to make a million masks if the City of Milwaukee passes an ordinance making the wearing of masks mandatory.
Sports - July 6, 2020
The Athletic releases MLB stadium survey; how did Miller Park do?
Today, The Athletic released the results of a stadium survey it conducted among baseball fans. So how did Miller Park rate? Find out here.
Dining - July 6, 2020
Milwaukee frozen custard guide
It may be Brew City, but custard is no small matter in Milwaukee, where everyone has his or her own favorite custard stand. This, of course, may go a long way toward explaining our waistlines. But hey, what's the point of livin' if you can't go a-lickin' custard every now and again.
Marketplace - July 6, 2020
Bayshore brings the Sounds of Summer outside
As more changes come to the Glendale mixed-use shopping center - including a new Target store - Bayshore is bringing the music out into the open, too, with its Sounds of Summer concert series.
Bars & Clubs - July 4, 2020
Great Lakes Distillery releases world's first bottled in bond gin
Great Lakes Distillery, the state's first distillery to open since Prohibition, is also pioneering the new, uncharted waters of bottled in bond gin, creating what appears to be the world's first example.
Bars & Clubs - July 4, 2020
7 summer patio sippin' whiskeys
A while back I posted about some quaffable summer beers that were all hovering in the 5 percent ABV range, but for this roundup of American whiskeys, I didn't worry too much about proof ... only about the taste and experience. Here are some great whiskeys for sipping on your patio this summer.
Bars & Clubs - July 3, 2020
7 easy-drinking Milwaukee patio beers
If you're like me, the race to the top of the IBU and ABV charts has you seeking brewers with a lighter touch without compromising taste. While we're stuck at home and the weather finally seems to be starting to cooperate, let's call them patio beers.
Bars & Clubs - July 3, 2020
2020 Milwaukee beer garden guide
Beer garden season is here. Here's when local beer gardens will open their taps for the challenging 2020 season.
Bars & Clubs - July 2, 2020
Turning lemons into vodka lemonade: Moran's Pub used shutdown to renovate
At a time when bars were shuttered, their staffs laid off and their owners fretting over their futures, one local tavern made an investment in its future. James Moran renovated his Moran's Pub, 912 Milwaukee Ave., an Irish- and soccer-themed bar in downtown South Milwaukee.
Dining - July 2, 2020
New owners give Fred's Frozen Custard a boost
Last year, when Sam Kassel and Alex Ogden saw that their neighborhood custard stand was for sale, they took a leap and bought it. They've improved the food and the custard and used the shutdown to renovate.
Travel & Visitors Guide - July 2, 2020
S/V Denis Sullivan schooner, now 20, won't sail and needs your help
While it celebrates its 20th season, the S/V Denis Sullivan replica three-masted wooden lake schooner won't host visitors and students and will have only a "bare minimum crew" on board to handle maintenance work this season. Still is has costs.
Bars & Clubs - July 1, 2020
GoFundMe campaign aims to help Kettle of Fish NYC Packers bar
Every American city seems to have at least one Green Bay Packers bar and in New York, one of them happens to be a Greenwich Village landmark called Kettle of Fish. Now, its owner, Tosa native Patrick Daley, needs your help.
Dining - July 1, 2020
State's first Roman pizza al taglio eatery opens in Sheboygan
Sheboygan, already home to one of the longest-certified Neapolitan pizzerias (Il Ritrovo) in Wisconsin, is now getting the state's first certified Roman-style al taglio pizzeria, too.
Milwaukee History - July 1, 2020
Historical Society reopens with "Better, Bigger, Brighter" politics exhibit
In this politically charged election year - and one in which Milwaukee was set to be center-stage as host of the Democratic National Convention - the newly reopened Milwaukee County Historical Society launches "Better, Bigger, Brighter: 150 Years of Milwaukee Politics."
Bars & Clubs - June 30, 2020
Lakefront Brewery announces 6th Small Tank Series brew
The sixth installment in the brewery�TMs Small Tank Series, which launched just over a year ago, is here and it�TMs a riff on the Rendezvous French biere de garde style.
Arts & Entertainment - June 30, 2020
Castro turns his pencil toward unexpected Milwaukee buildings
Midcentury Modern Milwaukee isn't always the choice when someone decides to feature Cream City buildings in works of art. But that's where artist Patrick Castro has (mostly) cast his eye for his Make MKE series of drawings that he sells as prints on his website.
Festival Guide - June 29, 2020
Tunes @ Noon concert series is back ... virtually
PNC presents Tunes@Noon, which takes place in the 411 E. Wisconsin Ave. courtyard on Thursdays is back for 2020, but, of course, it's gone virtual, with a series of concerts from July 2 through Sept. 10 that can be enjoyed online.
Dining - June 29, 2020
New owners refresh 1957 Mickey's Frozen Custard stand after fire
There's been more news than usual lately at Mickey's Fresh Frozen Custard, 675 Grand Ave., in Hartford, and it's come in the good and bad variety.
Arts & Entertainment - June 29, 2020
Urban spelunking: Haas' colossal Downtown mural
Though it's only been mentioned in passing during the exciting renovation of the 1930 Warner Grand Theater into the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's new home and performance venue, the 1981 mural on the east side of the building's tower will get a much-needed facelift as part of the massive project.
Arts & Entertainment - June 26, 2020
Brown begins work on long MacArthur Square mural
Artist Ken Brown has begun work on his 620-foot long mural, called "The Hero In You," on a 6-foot high wall that runs along MacArthur Square on North James Lovell Drive Downtown.
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