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Bars & Clubs - March 6, 2020
New Sprecher owners aim to create a craft beverage icon
Recently, the award-winning craft brewery changed hands, and talking to the GoGedders Podcast, the new leadership is ready to take Sprecher to new heights with the goal of turning the brand into a craft beverage icon.
Dining - Sept. 24, 2019
Building a better brand: How Christine Specht transformed Cousins Subs
On this episode of The GoGedders Podcast, host Richie Burke chats with Christine Specht about the many motivations that fuel her team-first attitude, why Milwaukee is a great place to do business, working in a family business and much, much more.
Buzz - April 22, 2019
The Commons: Holding on to Milwaukee's best and brightest
If you've got your finger on Milwaukee's pulse, you've heard of The Commons by now. And if you can't seem to find Milwaukee's pulse, I'm here to help you out. Listen in and learn about this awesome collaboration.
Buzz - Nov. 5, 2018
Milwaukee's rising Latino population
Milwaukee's young Latino population is the most important piece of the city's future. Listen in to learn more now.
Buzz - Sept. 26, 2018
The Road to Milwaukee
"The Road to Milwaukee." My, that phrase has an undeniably nice ring to it.
#RaiseMKE - Aug. 7, 2018
LISTEN: The legendary Milwaukee Judge Derek Mosley
Judge Derek Mosley really is one heck of a Milwaukeean. You can tell his loves this city just by talking to him (even if he touts his Chicago Bears once in a while).
Buzz - July 31, 2018
Backline is here to change Milwaukee's music scene for good
Backline is here to change Milwaukee's music scene for good. This big, bold collaboration between two stellar organizations is here to ensure Milwaukee's music scene explodes the way it should.
#RaiseMKE - June 26, 2018
Dare To Be: Shawna Nicols
Shawna Nicols, also known as DJ Shawna, is no stranger to reinventing herself. She's done so more than a few times; a Wisconsin Badgers basketballer turned professional DJ and beyond, her story is all about the power of positivity, resilience, and being yourself.
#RaiseMKE - June 13, 2018
Young, active and sober in Milwaukee
Erik Kennedy and Sarah Hofman are two young, active, sober Milwaukeeans who hopped on the mic to clear the air.
#RaiseMKE - June 5, 2018
The problem with Milwaukee's brand
Milwaukee can be internally portrayed in a negative light, but one of Milwaukee's issues is simply with its brand.