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Holiday Guide - Dec. 15, 2018
The Family Backpack 2018 holiday gift guide
Here's to a magical, family-filled, travel-planning holiday season! Enjoy this special family travel gift guide from Milwaukee-based Family Backpack. Wheels Up!
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 7, 2017
A family vacation to St. Martin
Travel expert Andrea Khan and her family traveled to the French side of St. Martin and now offers useful tips for others who want to give it a whirl.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 6, 2017
3 Days in Madrid with kiddos
Hola! Here's a sneak peek into travel expert Andrea Khan's day-to-day life while her family visited Madrid in 2015.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 5, 2017
Traveling with kids to the West Coast of Spain
When good friends invited travel expert Andrea Khan to meet them in Raxo, Spain last summer she immediately said, "Why yes!"
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 4, 2017
How to prevent jet lag with kids
Melatonin can be a parent's best pal when traveling internationally with kids.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 4, 2017
My favorite kids travel journal
Travel expert Andrea Khan shares her favorite kids travel journal.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 3, 2017
9 reasons why Puerto Rico is an easy first family trip outside the continental U
Considering traveling to a country where English is not the first language - especially when traveling with kids - can be daunting. However, a family trip to Puerto Rico is a good place to start international travel because it "keeps the training wheels on" and makes vacationing beyond the United States as easy as, well, riding a bike with training wheels.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 3, 2017
Traveling with my family to Cuba
With every place they visit, travel expert Andrea Khan's kids gain another level of understanding of the world and learn many new things. This was definitely true during their visit to Cuba.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 2, 2017
A weekend in La Crosse
La Crosse, located on the western side of the state, is a beautiful city surrounded by bluffs and the mighty Mississippi River. It's a great base city to day trip from to other fantastic places that you probably have never even heard about.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 2, 2017
Hitting the road in California with kids (and an overzealous itinerary)
Andrea Khan and her family head out to California once a year to visit her brother and sister. This year they decided to explore as much of the state as they could and turn it into a destination road trip.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 1, 2017
Why I started using VRBO and Airbnb
Andrea Khan loves to travel with her husband and kids, and when she does, she often lodges through VRBO and Airbnb. Find out more about these alternative-to-hotels options.
Travel & Visitors Guide - May 1, 2017
How I plan a family vacation
Here is family traveling expert and Shorewood resident Andrea Khan's step-by-step approach to planning the right family trip for her clan - and hopefully yours, too.
Kids & Family - Aug. 12, 2016
8 essential family road trip tips
Summer is a time to uncover the grill, determine which swimsuit still fits which child and plan the annual summer vacation. No matter what your destination, every trip is a learning experience. Here are my family road trip tips to help make it easier.