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Milwaukee History - June 5, 2020
Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project chronicles a century of pride
Since its humble beginnings as a 1995 PrideFest tent exhibit, the Project has grown to become the state's largest digital collection of local LGBTQ history, thanks to the devoted volunteer efforts of Don Schwamb.
#RaiseMKE - June 4, 2020
This Is It: Virtual Pride creates LGBTQ togetherness through technology
Throughout the pandemic, This Is It has remained vibrant and connective with the community - and that continues this weekend with its Virtual Pride event, a four-day online celebration.
Milwaukee History - June 3, 2020
Before Stonewall, the Black Nite brawl stunned Milwaukee
Eight years before Stonewall and six years before the Black Cat, Milwaukee was the scene of an uprising unlike anything local police had ever seen before as four troublemakers got more trouble than they bargained for at the Black Nite, one of the most popular gay bars of the time.
#RaiseMKE - July 20, 2019
Stonewall 50: The year Milwaukee Pride went to WorldPride
For five fortunate Milwaukee Pride volunteers, PrideFest Milwaukee was only the beginning of a Pride Month experience that culminated at WorldPride 2019 in New York City.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 3, 2018
This Is It turns 50: The past, present and future of Milwaukee's oldest gay bar
As This Is It honors its past 50 years with an action-packed weekend schedule, its owners have announced - stop the presses! - ambitious plans to expand at its current address. Details are forthcoming, but the vision and commitment are clear.
Holiday Guide - Dec. 4, 2017
Kooky Cooky House creates magical holiday memories
Capitol Court shopping center opened in 1956 at the intersection of Capitol Drive, 60th Street and Fond du Lac Avenue. But when you ask people what they remember about it, they rarely talk about the stores. They'll talk to you at great length about the Kooky Cooky House.
Arts & Entertainment - May 26, 2017
Hometown drag heroine Trixie Mattel handles hurt with humor in "Ages 3 and Up"
Milwaukee has a long, rich and proud drag history, from the 1920s "pansy shows" at the St. Charles Hotel to today's D.I.X. DollHaus. It wasn't until "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 7, however, that a Milwaukee performer went global.
#RaiseMKE - May 19, 2017
By women, for women: LGBTQ pioneer Sharon Dixon reflects on nightlife history
On Saturday, Milwaukee Pride and the Wisconsin LGBT History Project are hosting a Remember When: Women's History Party at Studio 200. Before the event, bar owner and longtime advocate Sharon Dixon spoke about the party, her life experiences and the future of LGBTQ Milwaukee.
Milwaukee History - April 11, 2017
Milwaukee's magnificent Mint Bar lit the LGBTQ beacon
During the great Downtown reinvention of the '80s, dozens of buildings disappeared from the heart of Milwaukee. One year, the Mint Bar vanished too. 31 years after its demolition, there's no evidence the Mint Bar even existed. And that's a damn shame.
Milwaukee History - Jan. 21, 2017
Notre Dame convent created a "city unto itself" in Milwaukee
For 109 years, the intersection of Milwaukee and Ogden Street was home to the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who built the oldest of six North American provinces of Notre Dame from this location.
Bars & Clubs - Dec. 19, 2016
A San Francisco treat: Hamburger Mary's Milwaukee roots run back to the Bay Area
On Sunday, Hamburger Mary's celebrated its grand reopening and relocation to Walker's Point. Although it's only been open in Milwaukee for five years, the restaurant has long and proud Milwaukee connections tracing back to 1970s San Francisco.
#RaiseMKE - Nov. 14, 2016
Could Milwaukee be the next city with rainbow crosswalks?
During a recent visit to Vancouver, This Is It owner George Schneider saw something incredible: bright, rainbow-striped crosswalks, representing the city's support for LGBTQ pride. He liked it so much he decided to bring the idea home to Milwaukee.
Milwaukee History - Nov. 1, 2016
The St. Charles Hotel served up scandal for more than 70 years
For generations, one of the Milwaukee's most prestigious addresses was the St. Charles Hotel, once located at 786 N. Water St., a house with a long and colorful history - including its fair share of scandal.
Kids & Family - Oct. 19, 2016
Author Tarney gives voice and visibility to gender non-conforming children
As author of "My Son Wears Heels," Julie Tarney provides support for parents of gender non-conforming, non-binary, trans and queer children. But what does it mean to be "out" as a family in today's America? Tarney and her son Harry Hanson explain in their own words.
Milwaukee History - Oct. 6, 2016
After 38 years together, local couple celebrates legal marriage
On the two-year anniversary of the historic Wisconsin ruling for marriage equality, Gary and David - who met back in 1978 - share their perspectives on the transformative power of marriage on not only long-term relationships, but on LGBTQ society as a whole.
Milwaukee History - Oct. 3, 2016
Empire Building hosted a historic legacy of high-end hospitality
For over 125 years, there has always been a gathering place at the corner of Plankinton and Wisconsin. If the walls of today's Empire Building could talk, they would tell stories of nightlife empires rising and falling, formidable fortunes made and lost, and the brave and foolish gamblers who made history happen.
Milwaukee History - Sept. 19, 2016
When Benjamin Castle ruled Milwaukee's Gold Coast
On Feb. 4, 1963, two Milwaukee mansions had their dates with destiny. One distinctive mansion lives on as the otherworldly Villa Terrace Museum. Its contemporary, the David Benjamin mansion, was not quite so lucky.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 31, 2016
Milwaukee's first vegetarian restaurant challenged concepts of cuisine
Although there isn't much groundbreaking at Jefferson and Mason today, the groundbreaking legacy of the Ambrosia House - the city's first full-service vegetarian restaurant - has never been more alive in Milwaukee.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 19, 2016
What ever happened to White Tower?
Do you remember White Tower? The two generations of Milwaukee children who came Downtown to White Tower before the first McDonald's likely do. But 90 years after the first location opened on 15th and Wisconsin, few even know that White Tower ever existed.
Milwaukee History - Aug. 14, 2016
Gay Uncles Day celebrates history's unsung heroes
As the niece of Jim Dorn, founder of Your Place at 813 S. 1st St., Kim Schultz grew up in a world of fabulous bachelor uncles, disco 45s and light-up dance floors. In honor of Jim Dorn, and gay uncles everywhere, we'd like to share her story with you.