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Sponsored - Aug. 29, 2019
Steinhafels Before and After: The power of collaboration
For this installment of Steinhafels Decorating Solutions "Before and After" presented by OnMilwaukee, we look at a recent project that shows some great collaboration between designer and clients.
Sponsored - July 30, 2019
Steinhafels designer tips for establishing theme and focal point
Our interior designers and decorators are highly experienced in all aspects of design, including higher level concepts like creating a theme in your room and establishing a focal point. Today's article focuses on these two core concepts of design.
Sponsored - July 10, 2019
Steinhafels Before and After: Updates with existing pieces
Not every home redesign needs to be a complete overhaul. Sometimes it's nice to freshen things up with some new furniture while keeping the pieces of the past that have sentimental value, or are just really cozy and you don't want to give up!
Sponsored - June 21, 2019
Steinhafels: Helping you find the perfect mattress to fall, and stay, asleep
A major component in getting proper sleep is investing in the proper sleep system: the mattress, pillow and base that are perfect for you. Now at Steinhafels, thanks to pressure mapping technology, you can Discover Your Sleep System in just a few minutes.
Sponsored - May 30, 2019
Steinhafels: Find your perfect "sit" for the summer
As you are considering your next sofa purchase, try to keep these pointers in mind so you can choose the sofa that is "just right" for you.
Sponsored - May 7, 2019
Steinhafels associate shares her story to help spread breast cancer awareness
At Steinhafels we are committed to helping our local communities in a variety of ways. Some causes are more personal than others. One of those is our support of local breast cancer research. It's a cause that has been important to the Steinhafels family for years, and continues to affect our associates. The good news is, treatments are constantly improving, and YOU can help us in this mission.
Sponsored - April 12, 2019
WATCH: Steinhafels takes us on a stroll through patio perfection
It's that time of year when the weather can't seem to make up its mind - one day it's spring, the next day winter is back with a vengeance. But this also happens to be the perfect time to update your patio collection - and Steinhafels has a bunch of new patio items, now available for 40 percent off or more!
Sponsored - March 21, 2019
Steinhafels: Creating a bedroom oasis in your home
It's Bar Month at OnMilwaukee. After a night out on the town, wouldn't it be nice to come home to a peaceful oasis?
Sponsored - Feb. 27, 2019
Steinhafels Before and After: A designer explains her process
We love sharing some of our favorite Steinhafels Decorating Solutions "Before and After" projects with OnMilwaukee readers! This month, we're going to have Interior Designer Michelle Kahl tell you all about one of her recent projects - in her own words.
Sponsored - Jan. 29, 2019
Steinhafels: Relaxation at your fingertips
Let's face it: In today's world, we want instant gratification. We want to come home and put our feet up as soon as possible. Now, that's easier and more stylish than ever!
Sponsored - Jan. 9, 2019
Steinhafels: Keeping the cozy after Christmas
Why can't we have it both ways - the cozy holiday feel in the home, without the wreaths, trees, tinsel, stockings, etc.? Turns out we can take out the Christmas, but still keep the cozy! Steinhafels Furniture has some helpful tips and affordable items to help you do so.
Sponsored - Dec. 11, 2018
WATCH: Easy, affordable holiday decor help from Steinhafels
OnMilwaukee's Carolynn Buser recently visited our Greenfield store, and Steinhafels Decorating Solutions Interior Designer Lori Green shared some pro tips for holiday decor. As Lori points out, our stores may be vast, but it's not hard to find the holiday goodies!
Sponsored - Nov. 15, 2018
Steinhafels Before and After: Refurbing for a purpose
This month's featured "Before and After" project from the Steinhafels in-house interior design team is a little different than most. Instead of looking at one home, we're giving you a look inside a unique apartment complex in Appleton that one of our designers helped bring to life.
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Sponsored - Oct. 25, 2018
Dining Month and Steinhafels: Custom tables
While most of Dining Month is focused on the fabulous restaurants across Milwaukee, many folks are looking to create a special dining atmosphere at home, especially around the holidays.
Sponsored - Sept. 28, 2018
WATCH: Steinhafels prepares for the cozy season
It's time to get your home ready for what we like to call the "cozy season." OnMilwaukee recently visited our Menomonee Falls store to find out about some simple ways to make your space a little cozier.
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Sponsored - Sept. 12, 2018
Steinhafels Before and After: Bringing new life to a forever home
For this month's featured "Before and After" project from the Steinhafels in-house interior design team, we're looking at ways to bring new life to a forever home. That's one of the coolest thing about interior design: You can transform a space, and make it feel brand new without all the hassle and expense that comes with moving.
Sponsored - Aug. 3, 2018
My aching back! Let Steinhafels help pick the best mattress for your sleep style
As our lives become busier and more tied to technology than ever, the hours we spend in our beds at night recovering from the day are more precious than ever. Don't waste those hours on a mattress that makes you feel even worse in the morning!
Sponsored - July 5, 2018
Steinhafels Before and After: Downsizing and incorporating family memories
For this month's Before and After project, we go to Kenosha, where Steinhafels Decorating Solutions Interior Decorator Rachel Chairez recently completed an impressive redesign for a couple downsizing from a house to a condo.
Sponsored - May 25, 2018
Steinhafels Designer Pro Tip: Don't shy away from special ordering furniture
We've all been in a store with a ton of stuff, yet there's nothing that's EXACTLY what we want. The beauty of Steinhafels is that you never need to feel that way! That's because many of our pieces can be special ordered to your exact specifications.
Sponsored - May 4, 2018
WATCH: Steinhafels presents patio perfection
Spring is finally here, and summer is just around the corner. Before you know it, patio season will be in full swing - and Steinhafels has many new patio items on display, as well as many of your old favorites.
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