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#RaiseMKE - May 8, 2013
Food stamp ban on junk food seems like bad politics
It's all part of the continuing attack on low income people who depend on government assistance by scheming politicians looking to score points and win elections by demonizing the poor.
Buzz - May 7, 2013
Cleveland case brings pain but hope for Alexis
When some people in Milwaukee heard about the three missing women finally rescued from captivity after nearly 10 years, they immediately thought about Alexis Patterson.
Buzz - May 6, 2013
Taxi cab drivers fight for civil rights
For many immigrants, working in the taxi cab industry is a career that only requires a safe driving record and the ability to get around the city.
Buzz - May 2, 2013
Milwaukee is 7th most exciting city in the nation? Some not so sure
Some people weren't exactly sure why Milwaukee ranked so high although they'll take the compliment.
Buzz - May 2, 2013
Running out of names for the convention center
Many Milwaukee residents who have probably attended numerous events or conventions at the center over the years would be hard-pressed to recall what name was on the side of the building at the time.
Living - May 1, 2013
Gosnell abortion trial makes waves locally
Wendy Ashlock, director the Affiliated Health Services clinic on Milwaukee's East Side that regular performs safe and legal abortions, has been following the Gosnell trial and has strong opinions on the public reaction.
Sports - April 30, 2013
First gay athlete can lead to new age of tolerance
The main folks who seemed upset this week after the gay NBA player came out appeared to limited to those people who just don't understand why the gay lifestyle is just not a big deal for other people anymore.
Marketplace - April 29, 2013
Rent-to-own stores facing scrutiny for selling American Dream
The expanding prominence of "rent-to-own" stores in some parts of Milwaukee that some accuse of using predatory lending practicing to entice consumers into dubious deals for merchandise has been a concern of consumers and legislators for years.
Buzz - April 26, 2013
Five living presidents together creates a living Mt. Rushmore
Five presidents, four white males and one African-American. No women, obviously. Lots of history and important events connected to each of their administrations.
Sports - April 25, 2013
Bucks take city's name national tonight
Believe me, tonight most of my out-of-town friends will be watching the Bucks game from the BMO Bradley Center tonight and they will have no problem remembering in which city the game is being played.
Buzz - April 24, 2013
Fake Twitter report about terror attack is sign of the times
The only good thing to come out of the false AP White House bombing tweet yesterday was the fact it wasn't true.
Kids & Family - April 23, 2013
Latest school tests re-ignites public/voucher debate
School choice remains a political and racial football because its origins as a movement by African-American parents to give their children the same quality of education that some white families get.
Buzz - April 22, 2013
A dubious national title: Number one in locking up black men
According to a recent study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Employment and Training Institute released last week, Wisconsin has the highest rate of incarceration of African-American men in the nation, significantly higher than the next leading state.
Buzz - April 19, 2013
The face of terrorism looks like us
After FBI video and photos of the two suspects were widely broadcast Thursday, most experts predicted that it wouldn't be long before the men were identified by friends, acquaintances or neighbors.
Kids & Family - April 18, 2013
Job application workshops at CYD can show the way
That was the reason CYD began to offer application workshops so young people could learn an important first step in seeking a job: Learning how to fill out an application.
Buzz - April 17, 2013
50 years later, Letter from Birmingham Jail still resonates
King's letter is regarded as a brilliant essay about the need for non-violent social protest regardless whether it made some uncomfortable.
Buzz - April 16, 2013
Deadly Boston Marathon attack another sign how life has changed
Like most Americans, watching coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing brought back uncomfortable memories of the way a terrorist attack that takes lives and mangles limbs does almost equal damage to the sense of safety that most take for granted.
Sports - April 15, 2013
Jackie Robinson more than just a day
It's good that every generation gets to learn about the sacrifices Robinson made in order to be the first African-American to integrate professional baseball.
Arts & Entertainment - April 15, 2013
"Accidental Racist" brings controversy
In his new song "Accidental Racist," Brad Paisley sings about wearing cowboy hats and Confederate flag T-shirts and having some think he's racist.
Buzz - April 12, 2013
No more illegal immigrants, according to AP
The influential Associated Press news service has decided that "illegal immigrant" will no longer be the description of choice in their mainstream media reporting.
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