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Movies & TV - Aug. 20, 2019
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Fight night on the beach
Ring the bell and bring out Michael Buffer to prepare people for rumbling: It was fight night on "Bachelor in Paradise" Monday night. And all of this over a piñata.
Music - Aug. 19, 2019
Here's the schedule for the second annual Hip-Hop Week MKE
The next seven days mark the second annual Hip-Hop Week MKE, an official City of Milwaukee event about hip-hop, its past and present, and its ability to transform communities - spanning financial literacy, health/wellness and civic engagement.
Music - Aug. 15, 2019
Shakey Graves talks change, trying new sounds and his trip to Safe House
Before his Riverside stop on Sunday, we talked with Shakey Graves about the value of making changes with his sound, balancing new and old, "Mr. F*ck Robots" and having fun at Safe House.
Festival Guide - Aug. 14, 2019
Here's the schedule of performers at Fiserv Forum's Chords & Curds Festival
We already knew which local artists would perform at the first Chords & Curds Festival outside Fiserv Forum - but now we know when they'll take the stage as the new festival today announced its schedule of musical performances on Saturday, Aug. 24.
Movies & TV - Aug. 14, 2019
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: Dean returns with a furry, unwelcome friend
We're no closer to finding out who on the beach has a six-toed foot, but there was plenty of other drama to fill the time on Tuesday's "Bachelor in Paradise" - including a full-on fisticuffs by the end! And somehow Blake isn't the cause of it!
Festival Guide - Aug. 13, 2019
The 2019 State Fair recorded the second highest attendance in its history
The 2019 Wisconsin State Fair is officially in the books - literally, as this year's edition scored the second highest attendance in the event's history.
Sports - Aug. 13, 2019
Watch Wednesday's Brewers-Twins game exclusively on YouTube
Looking for the Brewers-Twins game on Wednesday afternoon? You'll have to tune in on YouTube as the social media platform will exclusively broadcast Wednesday's series-ending tilt versus Minnesota.
Movies & TV - Aug. 13, 2019
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: The Mayor of Paradise checks in
We've got busted feet, romantic quadrangles, new arrivals, a mystery involving six toes and a visit from both an old and new favorite. So yes, it was a busy night on "Bachelor in Paradise" on Monday.
Sports - Aug. 12, 2019
Bucks reveal 2019-20 schedule, including ten TNT games
Mere hours after the Brewers released their 2020 schedule, the NBA released the regular season slate for the Milwaukee Bucks - starting on the road in Houston for a spat against James Harden and the Rockets on Thursday, Oct. 24.
Sports - Aug. 12, 2019
Brewers announce 2020 schedule
If you can't help feeling defeated about the Brew Crew, there's always next season - and now you know what it'll look like as the Brewers today released the regular season schedule for 2020. And it'll start with some familiar faces.
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Festival Guide - Aug. 11, 2019
Burning Through Brew City: All Things Jerky's world's hottest jerky on-a-stick
Would our third time to the State Fair be another charm - or would it simply char our mouths to a degree that even a speedy open-mouthed zip down the Giant Slide couldn't extinguish the blaze? Let's dig into the world's hottest jerky on-a-stick.
Festival Guide - Aug. 8, 2019
Here's the lineup of food coming to Fiserv Forum's Chords & Curds Festival
Last week we learned about the chords part of the upcoming Chords & Curds Festival, a new local music and food event coming to Fiserv Forum on Aug. 24. Now it's time to learn about the curds and the rest of the tasty eats coming to this new festival.
Sports - Aug. 7, 2019
The Brewers' 2019 Players Weekend jersey nicknames, ranked
While the uniforms' color and personality have been turned down significantly, you can still find plenty of both on the backs of the jerseys as once again the players are allowed to choose their own nicknames. Who's moniker is mightiest on the Brewers?
Movies & TV - Aug. 7, 2019
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: So, uh, Blake had an eventful night
As it turns out, last night was the unofficial debut of the "Bachelor in Paradise" multi-screen experience, and the drama unfolding on the show featuring Blake was just the start.
Festival Guide - Aug. 6, 2019
If you love live music, you'll find a stage to love at the Wisconsin State Fair
The State Fair sensory experience wouldn't be complete, of course, without all the music jam packed throughout the Fair grounds - but how is one to decide which acts to see? We've made it easy with this guide.
Sports - Aug. 6, 2019
In case you needed a reminder, here's why the Packers suck
It's a new season for the Green Bay Packers, filled with new faces, a new (already broken) head coach and new promise. But enough with all that positivity; let's balance that out with Deadspin's annual thorough crapping upon the Pack.
Movies & TV - Aug. 6, 2019
"Bachelor in Paradise" recap: One episode in, and there's already drama
Did you think "The Bachelor" was done for a bit after Hannah B.'s finale last week? YOU THOUGHT WRONG! There are no breaks. There is no relief. There is no mercy. There is only more "Bachelor" - "Bachelor in Paradise," in this case.
Festival Guide - Aug. 5, 2019
Hello Wisconsin! "That '70s Show" alum Topher Grace drops by the State Fair
For 179 episodes and almost a decade, Topher Grace played a Wisconsinite on the hit sitcom "That '70s Show." Today, however, he graduated to a true official Sconnie as he dropped by the Wisconsin State Fair.
Sports - Aug. 4, 2019
Ice Cube talks BIG3, the Bucks' Finals odds and trying a State Fair cream puff
It's the worst time of the year if you're a sports fan. But don't worry, sports fans: Ice Cube is here to save you from the summertime sports blues with three matchups from the BIG3 on Sunday at Fiserv Forum.
Bars & Clubs - Aug. 2, 2019
What's better than a patio? An entire yard at The Backyard
This Bay View bar that asks why hang out on a mere patio when you can relax in a miniature beer garden - complete with green grass, fun games, good beer and great company.
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