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Buzz - April 8, 2020
The Morning Laugh: 5 funny videos and memes to start your day with a smile
To start your day with a smile, we're going to post five funny viral videos and memes every morning. Because we believe in starting the day on the right foot even when things feel like they're all going wrong.
Movies & TV - April 7, 2020
WATCH: Matt drinks his way through Netflix's "The Circle"
People stuck indoors with nothing to do but talk to themselves, look at screens and piddle around on social media. No, it's not our current reality; it's reality television - Netflix's "The Circle," to be exact. And Matt watched it. With wine.
Buzz - April 7, 2020
How to vote in today's primary election
To help guide you through this crazy and confusing election - and help you and others stay as safe as possible - here's a guide to today's vote.
Buzz - April 6, 2020
UPDATED: WI Supreme Court overturns Evers' order, election set back to April 7
After weeks of debate and national scrutiny, Gov. Tony Evers today signed an executive order suspending in-person voting for the election scheduled for Tuesday, April 7, and moved the in-person election date to June 9, 2020.
Movies & TV - April 5, 2020
Meteorologist Jesse Ritka announces she's leaving TMJ4, Milwaukee
After almost a decade at the station, meteorologist Jesse Ritka announced today that she's leaving TMJ4 for a new job in Fargo, North Dakota.
Movies & TV - April 3, 2020
100 good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home
To help your social distancing go as entertainingly as possible, here's a list of 100 good movies - from awesome action flicks to cool choices for children to stellar sports stories and more - you can currently find on Netflix.
Movies & TV - April 3, 2020
HBO made a bunch of its movies and TV shows free; here's seven you should watch
To help guide you through the almost 500 hours of streaming bliss now available for free thanks to HBO, here are the seven movies and documentaries you should press play on during your #StayHomeBoxOffice binge.
Sports - April 2, 2020
Everything's awful, so here's a really nice story about Christian Yelich
The world's in rough shape right now, and according to all the experts, it's going to get worse before it gets better. So let's take five minutes for a quick smile courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich and a kid in need of a catch.
Movies & TV - April 2, 2020
The Oriental brings the movies to you with new Sofa Cinema virtual theater
You can't come to the Oriental Theatre right now - or any theater of any kind, for that matter - but for the time being, the Oriental Theatre is coming to you.
Movies & TV - March 31, 2020
WATCH: Matt drinks his way through Netflix's "Tiger King"
America's been in desperate need of a distraction from the news - and Netflix supplied it and then some with "Tiger King," a new seven-part docu-series about wild tiger zoos and the even wilder people who run them.
Movies & TV - March 30, 2020
What's new on Netflix in April 2020
The Big Red Streaming Monolith's monthly announcement of new arrivals shows that the service should be up to the task of distracting the country for at least the next month.
Movies & TV - March 30, 2020
Everything leaving Netflix in April 2020
Bad news: A lot of great films are going on spring break from the Big Red Streaming Monolith in April. The good news: It's not like you've got anything else to do these days.
Buzz - March 30, 2020
Need some good news? Enjoy John Krasinski's internet show, Some Good News
As far as celebrity viral coronavirus videos go, it's one of the more charming entries - mainly because no one at any point sings "Imagine."
Music - March 28, 2020
Sing through social distancing tonight with the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
Even during these rough times, people need a smile and a community - and one of the most inspirational ways we've seen that happen is the viral videos of people singing together in Italy, and now across the world. Tonight, Milwaukee's joining in.
Sports - March 26, 2020
The Brewers and Cubs rivalry lives on this Opening Day with new bobblehead
The Brewers and Cubs may not have been able to take the field today to continue their heated rivalry, but thanks to a new bobblehead, the not-so-friendly competition found a way to live on this unusual Opening Day.
Movies & TV - March 26, 2020
Help fund Milwaukee Film with "Fantastic Fungi"
The Oriental Theatre has been dark since March 14, but Milwaukee Film still found a way to bring movies to you. Rent or buy "Fantastic Fungi" today - and help this local icon continue to thrive.
Sports - March 26, 2020
Confessions of a racing sausage
For three years, I was a proud member of the Milwaukee Brewers Brew Crew. The job mostly entails doing odd jobs of various levels of boredom around the stadium. But the main draw of the gig - other than getting essentially paid to go to games - was, every so often, getting to compete in the sixth inning sausage race.
Movies & TV - March 26, 2020
9 baseball movies you can stream since Opening Day is postponed
Thanks to streaming services, there's still baseball action to be found on this baseball-free Opening Day - both fictional and fact, focused on the field and off. Here are some options - and where you can find them.
Movies & TV - March 25, 2020
WATCH: Matt drinks his way through Netflix's "Love Is Blind"
As OnMilwaukee's resident Pop Culture Idiot, I watched Netflix's "Love Is Blind." In order to turn this bad TV show into something good, though, I took to Facebook Live (and several bottles of wine) to recap the show and hopefully provide a smile in despairing times.
Movies & TV - March 25, 2020
Big Three no more? 5 takeaways from the "This Is Us" season four finale
"This Is Us" must know we're all stuck inside with nothing much to do, because Tuesday night's season finale - "Strangers: Part Two" - gave viewers plenty to unpack and digest.
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