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Buzz - Sept. 13, 2019
8 OnMilwaukee articles banned by Google
Never once in my 21 years of owning OnMilwaukee have I claimed our publication is specifically "family friendly." Still, we don't usually go "blue" just to shock people (the exception being 2015's tongue-and-cheek listicle, "13 bar bathrooms to have sex in"). So I was amused to peruse this list of articles banned by Google AdWords.
#RaiseMKE - Sept. 12, 2019
Friendship Bakery moves closer to opening in Riverpoint Village
The space in Riverpoint Village Shopping Center where the North Shore Bistro used to live has sat vacant for four years. Soon, though, a non-profit group called Friendship Circle, will open a bakery and cafe in the former restaurant that will employ adults with special needs.
Buzz - Sept. 5, 2019
Life after TV: Bart Adrian now teaches the meteorologists of tomorrow
It's been nine years since viewers saw meteorologist Bart Adrian on FOX6, the station he called home for 28 years. He's not retired, though. Now, Adrian is a senior lecturer in Atmospheric Science and Mathematics, and a STEM outreach specialist at UW-Milwaukee.
Buzz - Aug. 13, 2019
Bird scooters return to Milwaukee
Bird, the scooters that dotted the sidewalks of Downtown Milwaukee last summer, will rejoin the scooter scene on Wednesday, as part of the city-run pilot program. They will join the 500 Lime scooters already on the streets.
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Festival Guide - July 5, 2019
Right here, right now: Jesus Jones marks 30 years with first show here since '02
Thanks to a forward-looking approach to this one-off mini tour, Jesus Jones not only played Summerfest for the first time this year, they also marked their 30th anniversary with their first show in Milwaukee in 17 years. I don't know where I was in 2002 when they apparently played here last - I knew, however, I wouldn't miss this one. And the several hundred Gen Xers at Summerfest were right there with me.
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Festival Guide - July 4, 2019
5 questions for Jesus Jones
If you listened to alternative rock on the radio or watched MTV in the early `90s, you certainly remember Jesus Jones. The techno-inspired foursome from southwestern England formed in 1988, but songs like "Right Here, Right Now," "Real, Real, Real" captured a time when both the world and the music business were changing right in front of our eyes.
Festival Guide - June 27, 2019
5 new pieces of Big Gig swag to scope out in the Summerfest Store
Now in its third year, the permanent Summerfest Store on the festival grounds is offering more swag than ever for the 2019 Big Gig. Here's a look at some of the new merch.
Buzz - June 25, 2019
DOT's clever dynamic message boards drive home safe habits
You know those clever messages you read on the freeways, telling you to put your phone down or to buckle up? They start in a conference room at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation inside the Intermodal Station. They come from a brainstorming session every few months, bringing together the DOT's creative and communication team, along with law enforcement and traffic engineering staff.
Marketplace - June 16, 2019
#WeWant: Summer breezes
June is that brief time in Milwaukee when the weather is great. You can leave the windows open, forget about the AC, and even spend some quality time in your backyard soaking in the start of the season. Here are a few items I'm enjoying this month that make it even cooler by the lake.
Music - May 6, 2019
The Dandy Warhols' Zia McCabe previews their Chicago show
The last time we talked to Portland's Zia McCabe, the synth/bass/percussion player for the Dandy Warhols, we barely talked about music. That was because as the band turns 25 years old, in the last few of them, McCabe has pivoted to a new career in real estate. We caught up with her before their May 11 show in Chicago.
Movies & TV - May 3, 2019
Czaban returns to Milwaukee radio
It wasn't the best-kept secret in Milwaukee radio, but long-time "Bob and Brian" contributor Steve Czaban returned to local airwaves Friday morning. He's the new host of a morning show on FM 97.3 "The Game."
Sports - May 1, 2019
Kentucky Derby offers an exciting entree to Potawatomi's off-track betting
If you want to legally bet on horse and greyhound racing in southeastern Wisconsin, there's only one place to go. Since 2008, Potawatomi Hotel and Casino has operated the area's only off-track betting room, which has grown to 500,000 square feet with 150 TVs.
Sports - April 17, 2019
Social media laughs as Yelich owns the Cardinals
You know Christian Yelich is already having a monster season against the St. Louis Cardinals when his Wikipedia page is altered, at least temporarily, to declare his "current ownership" against the Redbirds.
Travel & Visitors Guide - April 7, 2019
Will travel for beer
Rhett Bainter doesn't necessarily call himself a "beer tourist." He prefers the term "beer snob." Whatever you want to call him and his buddies, he's the kind of craft beer enthusiast who will drive four hours to Decorah, Iowa for a beer release, buy one $50 bottle of beer, turn around and come home.
Sports - March 28, 2019
When Brewers expectations are sky-high
The Brewers were ready to get back to business, and that starts today at Miller Park. Principal owner Mark Attanasio echoed these sentiments in his pre-game news conference.
Travel & Visitors Guide - March 9, 2019
10 things you need to know about the Brewers' renovated spring training facility
This winter, the Brewers embarked on a $60-something million renovation of its spring training facility. And according to the team's' Tyler Barnes, there's more to come. The results are both dramatic and subtle.
Travel & Visitors Guide - March 4, 2019
The social side of spring training: Scottsdale style
While you can make your home base for a Spring Training trip anywhere in the valley, the gold standard is still Scottsdale, which very much feels like the Beverly Hills of the Southwest. The restaurants are better, the nightlife is livelier, and the post-game activities are top notch.
Marketplace - Feb. 13, 2019
North Side barber serves community, showcases skills on national stage
Marquez Tatum gives a lot of haircuts at his barbershop, Quez Creations. On a typical Friday and Saturday, Tatum says more than 100 people walk through the doors of his shop, 4479 N. 76th St. Entire families come in for a cut, with or without a reservation, says Tatum, who employs two other barbers.
Marketplace - Feb. 9, 2019
#WeWant: Cozy home edition
Regardless of what the groundhog told us, it won't be spring in Milwaukee for a while. And for me, February is the shoulder season of hunkering down at home.
Marketplace - Jan. 12, 2019
#WeWant: Post-holiday edition
Lots of stuff winds up on my desk with the request to review it. Not all makes the cut. But some products stand out and deserve a mention. And, of course, I'm consuming on my own time, too. Here's the new stuff filling up my house after the holidays.
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