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Sports - April 17, 2019
Social media laughs as Yelich owns the Cardinals
You know Christian Yelich is already having a monster season against the St. Louis Cardinals when his Wikipedia page is altered, at least temporarily, to declare his "current ownership" against the Redbirds.
Travel & Visitors Guide - April 7, 2019
Will travel for beer
Rhett Bainter doesn't necessarily call himself a "beer tourist." He prefers the term "beer snob." Whatever you want to call him and his buddies, he's the kind of craft beer enthusiast who will drive four hours to Decorah, Iowa for a beer release, buy one $50 bottle of beer, turn around and come home.
Sports - March 28, 2019
When Brewers expectations are sky-high
The Brewers were ready to get back to business, and that starts today at Miller Park. Principal owner Mark Attanasio echoed these sentiments in his pre-game news conference.
Travel & Visitors Guide - March 9, 2019
10 things you need to know about the Brewers' renovated spring training facility
This winter, the Brewers embarked on a $60-something million renovation of its spring training facility. And according to the team's' Tyler Barnes, there's more to come. The results are both dramatic and subtle.
Travel & Visitors Guide - March 4, 2019
The social side of spring training: Scottsdale style
While you can make your home base for a Spring Training trip anywhere in the valley, the gold standard is still Scottsdale, which very much feels like the Beverly Hills of the Southwest. The restaurants are better, the nightlife is livelier, and the post-game activities are top notch.
Marketplace - Feb. 13, 2019
North Side barber serves community, showcases skills on national stage
Marquez Tatum gives a lot of haircuts at his barbershop, Quez Creations. On a typical Friday and Saturday, Tatum says more than 100 people walk through the doors of his shop, 4479 N. 76th St. Entire families come in for a cut, with or without a reservation, says Tatum, who employs two other barbers.
Marketplace - Feb. 9, 2019
#WeWant: Cozy home edition
Regardless of what the groundhog told us, it won't be spring in Milwaukee for a while. And for me, February is the shoulder season of hunkering down at home.
Marketplace - Jan. 12, 2019
#WeWant: Post-holiday edition
Lots of stuff winds up on my desk with the request to review it. Not all makes the cut. But some products stand out and deserve a mention. And, of course, I'm consuming on my own time, too. Here's the new stuff filling up my house after the holidays.
Music - Jan. 5, 2019
All about that bass: Local voice artist David Lee creates internet radio station
You may remember David Lee's name from the old WQFM - but you certainly know his deep, bass voice from station IDs on Westwood One, MLB Network and more. Lee's baritone voice is everywhere these days, and now it's found a new home on a newly created Internet radio station the Green Bay native calls "The Titletown Music Archive."
Sports - Dec. 19, 2018
Dillard bids Brewers' fans farewell, thanks Milwaukee for the memories
Long-time Brewers pitcher Tim Dillard signed a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers. Before he left the team he was drafted by in 2001, the fan-favorite had some words for fans in Milwaukee. We can't help but be excited for him.
Movies & TV - Dec. 10, 2018
Why you'll still hear Bruce Winter's voice on WUWM for years to come
When WUWM program director Bruce Winter died last month of complications from cancer at age 64, long-time listeners may have expected the voice they've heard on 89.7 FM to go silent for the first time since 1978. But that's not what station manager Dave Edwards, who worked alongside his friend the entire time, had in mind.
Movies & TV - Nov. 27, 2018
iHeart flips switch on 97.3, launches new FM sports station "The Game"
What has already been a tumultuous year in local radio took another unexpected turn this morning, as iHeartMedia Milwaukee unveiled 97.3 FM The Game.
Holiday Guide - Nov. 26, 2018
7 ways to stay sane on Cyber Monday
It's easy to get swept up in Cyber Monday mania, because scoring an amazing deal is an adrenaline rush. But just because it's cheap doesn't mean you need it, and plenty of pitfalls are out there that make this super shopping day less than spectacular than it's cracked up to be.
Milwaukee History - Oct. 29, 2018
Yes, you can call "the weather" again
A few months ago, we told you about a wonderfully old-school phone number that let you call the time. Now, the service run by John Lochridge in Dallas, has added the current weather and forecast back into the service.
Music - Oct. 11, 2018
Simple Minds' Charlie Burchill previews Saturday's Pabst show
Simple Minds hasn't plated in Milwaukee in a long, long time, but that changes Saturday. We caught up with original member Charlie Burchill for a preview. He says he's very happy to be back in the states for this tour, which he admits is long overdue.
Sports - Oct. 11, 2018
8 things you didn't know about Brewers manager Craig Counsell
There's a lot of trivia surrounding the Whitefish Bay native that you might not know. Here are eight nuggets you can use to impress your friends.
Sports - Oct. 9, 2018
We're one game away from free George Webb burgers
It's happened only once in franchise history. But now it's one game away from happening again. The Brewers, who have won 11 games in a row, have a chance to make it 12 in game one of the NLCS on Friday. And then it's free burger time from George Webb.
Sports - Oct. 3, 2018
Being a Brewers fan in the bad old days of the '90s
I became a Brewers lunatic fan in 1993, at the age of 19. Before that, I was a kid who liked the Crew, who remembered the '82 World Series, but as a teenager on the East Coast, didn't have much access to the team. Only as I came back to Milwaukee for summers during college, did I start to rekindle my love for the Brewers.
Sports - Oct. 1, 2018
VIDEO: McClung reflects on Brewers '08 road to the postseason
Seth McClung, former Brewers pitcher, remembers 2008 very well. That was the season, after 26 years of a playoff drought, the Brewers clinched the Wild Card on the final day of the season. And Big Red was there.
Sports - Sept. 28, 2018
My '82 Brewers reunion
Every year on Sept. 28, I think of my greatest Brewers memory of all time. It was, without a doubt, witnessing an impromptu '82 (and '87) reunion on Sept. 28, 2000, the night of the last game at County Stadium.
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